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15 years ago, I wrote an article that was published in
a Network Marketing magazine that was published for
company owners and executives. The title
of the Article was

“Cater to Mediocrity or Inspire Greatness; that
is the Question”

You can read it here if you would like:

The basic idea behind this article was as an industry we have
to quit catering to the mediocrity of people and not leave the
culture of personal development and personal accountability
that the industry was built upon. At the time, you were seeing
companies lowering their monthly qualification levels to what
we see today which ultimately lowered everyone’s check.

I never have understood why people don’t seem to understand
that if you have a $40 monthly volume level to qualify for your
check instead of $200, you will need 5 times… Continue reading »

Your telephone rings, you say hello and the voice on
the other end of the line asks, “What is the specific,
number one reason you are building your Network
Marketing business?”

Could you answer immediately or would you have to
think about it awhile?

Strong organizations are built by leaders with strong
reasons. When you wake up every morning you are
thinking about one of two things: your reasons or
the work.

The work — phone calls, emails, follow-up letters,
3-way calls, etc — won’t turn you on and provide
you with the motivation needed to do your business.

Your REASONS focused upon WILL!

Stop for a minute and think about some of the
successful leaders in your company. What were
their reasons for getting involved with your company?

Over the years I have heard hundreds and hundreds
of stories… Continue reading »

Dawn and I must be getting old. Have you
ever noticed that the older we get the more
in a routine we become? Every Sunday night
we head to Starbucks. It has become our

Anyway as we were heading to Starbucks
tonight I made the statement. “It is a lot
different now driving to Starbucks because
I know the road and what is coming next”
When we first started driving to Starbucks
Dawn had to tell me every turn because I
didn’t know the roads. Through repetition
I have figured it out.

If you ever hear anything from me, hear this

If you have been reading this blog or follow
any of my other mlm training programs,
you have heard me drive this point home.
In the MLM training DVD “The Road to $10,000
a… Continue reading »

Below is an email I sent to some of our top customers
and clients this week regarding 2 awesome programs.

I have some more comments I want to share with you
after you have read this:



Thanks for opening this email, you will
not be disappointed!

There are more good marketing ideas right
now than ever before. If you are like me
your email box is jammed daily with different
offers and ideas. Some junk, some good,
some great.

I almost missed a couple of great ideas lately
because I simply didn’t take the time to get
the whole story.

I don’t want you to make the same mistake with
these 2 ideas.

Here are a couple of awesome marketing ideas
that can create additional income streams for

#1 This is probably the Best Free… Continue reading »

The key word in the title is “WORKING”. Most network
marketing organizations are filled with what I call
“Social Club Members”. They like hanging out with
the crowd, but have never really, CONSISTENTLY
worked their business.

This stage is predictable. It usually happens after
a distributor has been working for 2-3 years. They
have a group of 50-100 distributors or more, but very
few are producing.

These people have worked hard, but usually
feel over come with the question:

“Is it ever going to happen for ME?”

I recently read a Facebook post by a well known
network marketer who made the statement, “In
network marketing you get paid exactly what you
are worth”

I respectfully DISAGREE. That is simply not true. You
must understand the reality of the Time & Money
Chart that we have shared on various mlm… Continue reading »

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