15 years ago, I wrote an article that was published in
a Network Marketing magazine that was published for
company owners and executives. The title
of the Article was

“Cater to Mediocrity or Inspire Greatness; that
is the Question”

You can read it here if you would like:


The basic idea behind this article was as an industry we have
to quit catering to the mediocrity of people and not leave the
culture of personal development and personal accountability
that the industry was built upon. At the time, you were seeing
companies lowering their monthly qualification levels to what
we see today which ultimately lowered everyone’s check.

I never have understood why people don’t seem to understand
that if you have a $40 monthly volume level to qualify for your
check instead of $200, you will need 5 times more downline
members to make the same income!

That is why I always believed in having a hot product that
people could retail and not just order to qualify for a check.
The bottom line is people will do what THEY HAVE TO DO, and
very little more. Anyway at the time, companies were Catering
to mediocrity.

That message is still alive and well with Attraction Marketers
constantly telling distributors, their upline doesn’t know what
they are doing and the proven lead generation methods of
the past for some reason no longer work today so buy my
magic bullet.

Oh……don’t get me started!

In my opinion this trend has been very detrimental to the
industry. Over the past 15 years we have seen a ton of
distributors that cannot distinguish the difference between
affiliate marketing, internet marketing and a true career
network marketing opportunity.

Anyway virtually every new internet marketing product
launched today is telling everyone the same story.

• Other courses and ebooks you have purchased
have been a rip off
• The gurus don’t want you to succeed
• Everything you have learned is nothing more
than rehashed, unworkable information
• I am the only honest marketer online
• Look at all the money I have made, and
my software, course, ebook is the answer.

I could go on and on, but you get the idea.


Every nickel you spend on Self-Education is worth it,
as long as you persist.

“Formal education makes you a living, if you become
self educated you make a fortune”
Jim Rohn http://www.3BasicLaws.com

Have I personally invested in courses, ebooks and software
that I felt over promised big time and under delivered? Yes,
absolutely, dozens of times. Have I ever requested a refund?

Only once in the last 10 years that I can recall. I can’t
even tell you what the product was but I did feel like it
was a BLATENT rip off and fulfilled zero of what was

My philosophy has always been if I can get one good idea,
concept, method or philosophy, it is worth it, if it helps me
add to my personal education and base of knowledge.

Yes, I have ordered multiple products were GEEK Types
have talked way over my head, but I don’t necessarily
feel that is their fault.

I truly believe that most entrepreneurs are sincere and
want to help others. There are few rip off artist out there.
Understand that you learn and move forward, don’t become
cynical, negative and develop a victim mentality! If that
happens you are guaranteed to fail.

My first 30 years I have invested hundreds of thousands
of dollars in books, courses, DVD’s, CD’s and other
educational material. I plan to the next 30 years also.

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should be, and I will reveal why when this report is
released in the near future.

Sorry, I am back on point now. When you are Green
you Grow, when you ripe you rot.

Knowledge is what you learn, AFTER you know it all!

By all means if you are marketing anything online, don’t
tell people that everybody they have ever bought from
in the past has ripped them off. I understand this is
the trend right now, and for people with a victim mentality
this works, but ultimately this message will come back
and bite all marketers in the rump.

Sometimes we have to tell people what they need to
hear instead of what they want to hear. Making a sale
is never more important than telling the truth, and why
I am thinking about it if you tell them the website is
coming down, or there is a limited number of your
widget available, you better be telling the truth, or people
like me and others will never buy from you again.

I understand that all the copy writing courses tell you
to add scarcity to your message. I also understand that
fear of loss is the most powerful motivator on the planet.

If you lose trust, you have lost. Tell people the truth and
whatever you do STAY GREEN!

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