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After 35+ years in this industry I can that I sincerely believe that the Memory Jogger is the most valuable, yet most misunderstood tool in the history of network marketing.

In this article and the free download and training resources we provide, I want to do my best to clear up the misinformation about the tool, and how to use your list to maximize the growth of your organization.

Most all top end network marketing programs have some kind of Memory Jogger List training for their team members.  Rodan and Fields, Melaleuca, Usana, Forever Living Products,  Uforia Sciece, Shaklee Corporation, just to name a few.






If anyone tells you to not use a memory jogger… Continue reading »

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If you have been involved in the network marketing business model for TWO YEARS or more and you are having trouble maintaining an existing flow of leads for your opportunity and product or service STOP!

Something is wrong!

Don’t miss a word of this article.

Yes, I have taught leaders around the world how to become MASTERS at Network Marketing Lead Generation and some have referred to me as the BLACK BELT MASTER 🙂  Obviously, I don’t take myself too serious, but there is nobody in the market that cares more about the success of your network marketing team, than I Do!


Daily I realize how off track the network marketing business model has really become.   I have witnessed the fragmentation and watched the… Continue reading »







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You can access a replay of this webinar, and access
the slides at the bottom of this article.


I understand that most network marketers are not looking for Mindset
Training they are looking for techniques and methods.  Developing
the skill sets to become a lead generation expert is different
from the mindsets required to maximize your success as a
network marketing recruiter.

The internet is full of gurus that are more than willing to teach you their
secret recruiting method that that will instantly have prospects ringing
your phone off the hook screaming their credit card numbers at you and
demanding to join your team.  At least that is what they are trying to
convince you to believe.

The… Continue reading »

The10K Road








The truth is $10,000 a month earners in network marketing are a dime-a-dozen. The sad part is most of the people that at some point achieved this type of income, are NO LONGER INVOLVED in the profession today. The network marketing business model has LOST a lot of good people, especially over the past 15 years.

Many of those people are DONE, they will never be involved in this great business model again. Believe it or not, “I understand Why”. In this video we will explain how some people work so hard to develop a full-time income only to ultimately throw in the towel, and how to MAKE SURE that doesn’t happen to you.

If you become a great student and persist, I believe within you is the ability to become a great… Continue reading »

I hope that you find this information so compelling that you
feel obligated to share it!

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In July 2015 I had a major shift in my thinking and
I won’t bore you with the details here.

However I did call four people that I knew would give me
honest feedback on my thoughts, and who I knew had been
around long enough to give me honest feedback on my

I called Robert Blackman, Ron Henley and a couple of other

Ron shared with me to a video by the great Larry Thompson,
that helped me formulate what I was feeling in greater
details and actually name it.

As a result, Ron and I ended up conducting the webinar
above. If you have been involved… Continue reading »



Thank you to all of you from around the world that attended this webinar.

The comments Ron and I have received have been encouraging. Many people in the network marketing industry who are sincerely ready to do what it takes to build a team. I had an email box full of people asking why we did the webinar at 2:00 in the afternoon on a Monday. Honestly, I only wanted full time network marketers on the webinar because I didn’t feel the info was for new distributors.

From the “I want my team to hear this” emails I have received I think I assumption was wrong.

So because we did not record it, we are conducting another live event this Thursday August 27th at 9:00 PM. Here is the link to register CLICK HERE to register… Continue reading »

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