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There are multiple niches where you can build a real business online and earn a full-time income, we will be sharing some of the best in this article.  This article is on a blog called at Network Marketing Support Services Inc., but it is not really about network marketing.

I have said many times my loyalty is not to a particular business model, but to the people within the business model.

However network marketing is the best business model in the world for average people that want to create legacy wealth. Note I didn’t say for those that want to make extra income. If you want to make extra income, learn to use online flipping platforms.

I understand that many are not interest in creating wealth, they just want to be able to make a good living at… Continue reading »

updated 3/2020

In this article I want to share so thoughts on Network Marketing Team Building Strategies.  My hope is that they stimulate thought for you.  So what do you really asking?

I feel it is important that you understand, where ever you are right now in your network marketing team building journey, YOU CAN BECOME BETTER, more skilled, more value focused, a better communicator, more disciplined, more scheduled, and so on and so forth. The business is not going to become any easier because we are dealing with people!  I have said it many times, network marketing is the most challenging business model in the world.

Our real product is people. I have heard it said once that man as an individual is very unpredictable; man in the masses is very predictable. Knowing this, you should develop your business around this truth so you can stack the odds in your favor. This was really the philosophy around the Confessions of a Network Marketing Millionaire course.

Network Marketers you must understand, everything is about understanding people, the way they think, and building your marketing strategies  to stack the odds in your favor. I am not talking about manipulating people or convincing them to do something they don’t want to do. 

Professional network marketers, help people figure out what they REALLY WANT and a game plan to achieving those goals.

 Will every marketing strategy work perfectly, every time? Of course not! If it did, there would be any money in our type of marketing structure. This business pays for consistent solid, long term performance.  So be patient and become a great student if you want to build a strong business.

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I just flew in from Orlando and trying to get through my email.


Below is an email I got from one of our customers regarding Newspaper Ad Sponsoring. These are common questions, so I wanted to share the answers with everyone.


Have a great week!





Hello Dale,

Thanks for the additional information!

As you suggested I have set up a call box and am
talking to some newspapers in the target area.

I do have a couple of questions;

1. Should the call back number to the call box be
local or toll free. I am using Vonage and I can get
nearly any number I want for about $15/mo.

You can set up a free voice mail box through
Google voice.  Just do a search… Continue reading »

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