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Ok, here is my dilemma,  back in 1997 I produced my first ever
generic (funded proposal) training called “Confessions of
a Network Marketing Millionaire”
.   We sold over 50,000
units of this program our first year.



Today it doesn’t seem like a week goes by that someone
doesn’t mention that program and the positive impact it
has had on their business and their network marketing career.


Many six figure earner’s tell me that it gave them a different
perspective on what the term duplicatable systems really means.


Anyway little did I know at the time that was the beginning
of a speaking, consulting, training, and seminar business that
would literally give me the opportunity to travel the world.


Fast Forward now 15 years later.  Confessions of a
Network Marketing Millionaire… Continue reading »


I have always said that the people who have influenced my life the most have been Shaklee Master Coordinator Jim Burke, Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, and my dad Ben Calvert.

The older I become the more I realize how my dad and mom for that matter have always been my number 1 supporters. Those of you that have that in your life understand how important that is and something we should never take for granted.

Ben & Barbara Calvert
(My Heros)

Anyway, I just wanted to wish you and yours a happy father’s day weekend. Here is a little history about the holiday I hope you find interesting.



On July 19, 1910, the governor of the U.S. state of Washington proclaimed the nation’s first “Father’s Day.” However, it was not until 1972, 58 years after President Woodrow… Continue reading »

Those of you that are subscribers to our newsletter,
listen to our training webinars, or subscribe to this
blog numerous times have heard me talk about
the the learning process, sequential learning,
repition is the mother of learning, etc. etc.

You have heard me encourage you to learn 1
prospecting method, learn it well, then move on to
the next and the next.

Today, I received this email and I just wanted to post
it here for you.  It re-enphasizes these points.  I think
in this world on information, methods, and ideas being
thrown at us daily.  This is more important than ever.

I think I acutally did a video training on this subject a
couple of years ago, if I can find it I will place it at the
bottom of the post.


by Robert Brown

Information overload… Continue reading »

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I just receive this email and thought, wow, this is really good, so I am sharing it with you.

95% of the negative emails I receive are from spineless people telling me:

* How ignorant I am to think the Trump Network will fizzle

*  I should quit throwing attraction marketers under the bus because they made
$36.00 last week selling leads or so random affiliate program

*  And my favorite is to quit talking bad about Jane Doe, when I don’t know Jane Doe never met Jane
Doe or ever mentioned Jane Doe anytime, anywhere.

(When you call out the ignorant, the guilty always make themselves known)

Anyway, since this one has something nice to say about me I thought I… Continue reading »

In the beginning of your network marketing career you do a lot of work you don't get paid for, but later on, IF YOU DO IT RIGHT, you get paid for a lot of work you don't do.



I am continually amazed by the attitude of entitlement people today seem to  have, even  people involved in network marketing.  Just because you join a company, attend every event, listen in on every conference call and corporate webinar does not mean you should be earning a penny.   All that means is that you like hanging out with the network marketing crowd more than the group of people in the choir at your church! 


Network marketing is not a social club, it is a business.   Yes, the social aspects of the business are awesome,… Continue reading »

A Network Marketing Organization is Built Between Your Ears.

In the old days, they would refer to network marketing as a personal development program with a compensation plan attached to it. Today, we seem to be trying to take average people with a mindset of mediocrity and transform them as they are into network marketing professionals.

You can’t send a duck to Eagle school! They can get their eagle certificate, their eagle badge and their eagle cap. You can parade them across the stage and let them shake the CEO’s hand, but all you really have is a dressed up duck!

I am not trying to be harsh or cruel, just realistic. 

As a leader in network marketing you have two choices. One, develop a following. Two, develop leaders. There is no question that it… Continue reading »


Overcoming Fear


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