In the beginning of your network marketing career you do a lot of work you don't get paid for, but later on, IF YOU DO IT RIGHT, you get paid for a lot of work you don't do.



I am continually amazed by the attitude of entitlement people today seem to  have, even  people involved in network marketing.  Just because you join a company, attend every event, listen in on every conference call and corporate webinar does not mean you should be earning a penny.   All that means is that you like hanging out with the network marketing crowd more than the group of people in the choir at your church! 


Network marketing is not a social club, it is a business.   Yes, the social aspects of the business are awesome, and you will make a lot of new, interesting friends.  However many people treat their business like they would their involvement in a community organization or social club.


It is a business and you are paid for one thing …….. R E S U L T S!


Don’t deceive yourself into thinking just because you are supportive and loyal you are entitled to make a couple of thousand dollars a month.   That is not the way it works.   You are paid based upon the results you produce and the leadership team you develop.


On the same thought, you also have to understand the concept of “lag time” in network marketing and that in the beginning you do a lot of work you don’t get paid for, by later on you have the opportunity to get paid for a lot of work you don’t do.


If you are persistent and you focus on developing the right skill sets and mindsets by your 3rd year, your income should catch up to your time investment.  The interesting part is from that point on your income is 5-10-15-20 times the amount of time you are actually spending in your business.


Hopefully the crude TIME & MONEY chart below makes since.
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I just believe it is important to understand the rules, before you enter the game.   In corporate America they pay you just enough that you don’t quit and you work just hard enough that you don’t get fired.  Those rules will not work in this industry.


Network marketing is about residual income and Wealth Creation.  Quite frankly if you want a few hundred extra dollars a month you would be better off selling hammers or tools at the flea market.


Network marketing is the most challenging business in the world even when you have the right company, training and mentor.   (Which most don't)

Let’s face it, 70% of the population doesn't need to be involved in anything entrepreneurial.  I am not going to change the way it is, you aren’t going to change the way it is and neither is your company, product or opportunity.   We have to learn to simply work with the way it is, because the challenges and the numbers in this industry don’t change.

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