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If you have been around the Network Marketing
Industry very long, you have probably heard about
what many people believe is the most controversial 
MLM Training book ever written.  It has NOTHING
to do with “How To”
I wrote MLM INSIGHT back in 2000.
Quite frankly when I released this book it created
a real stink. I even recieved death threats for
revealing the inside information, that your upline,
corporate executives and all the heavy hitters hoped
you never would discover.
Because I was concerned for my family, and I
couldn’t keep up with the personal responses
I actually took the website down, and quit
selling this information for several years!
Today, all of my daughters are grown, and my
youngest is in… Continue reading »












Written by Randalph Byrd

“I know that in Network Marketing, ‘the only way to fail is to quit.’ But I am  having trouble convincing people in my Network about that. How do I get them to stay involved long enough to start seeing some success?  “This is one of those truly great “Great Questions” that comes up again and again, and there are lots of great ways to answer it. Making sure your people are motivated by helping them stay clear on what their own personal goals are . . . making sure they have the tools they need and know how to use them . . . making sure their efforts are supported until they have got their “sea-legs” securely under them, … Continue reading »

You have probably heard the statement “People DON’T CARE how much YOU KNOW, until they KNOW how much you care”

I had a very pleasant conversation today with one our great customers, Paul Richie from Michigan.  He is conducting a training program for about 25 leaders on his team Saturday and he wanted to purchase 25 our our CD’s to give them as a gift to everyone who attends.

I have to say in today’s network marketing world, there seems to be alot of greed and “It is all about me” mentality.  It was very refreshing for me to speak with someone who “get’s it”.

See the reality is, the people that implement the strategies from that Audio Training will end up making Paul 10 times his initial investment. I know that and he knows that, but the… Continue reading »

Guest Article from Marlon Sanders


Ever wonder how much of a genius you have to be for your
marketing know how to pay off for you?

Here’s a story that reveals the answer.

Today I ran into the lady who runs my local computer
repair shop.

“That banner you told me to put up WORKED! I’ve gotten 5
jobs from it just this week,” referring to the big yellow
banner outside the shop reading “Virus Removal Experts.”

Now, actually, the headline I gave her was along the lines
of “Viruses Removed — Guaranteed!”

Or something like that.

But what she’s running is working, so I ain’t tellin’ her
to change it anytime soon.

Flash back in time to 3 weeks earlier. We were talking
about how she could get more customers.

Drawing on my vast storehouse of marketing wisdom, I… Continue reading »

The Best MLM Memory Jogger Training Free


I am glad to see that after many dormant years network marketing leaders are starting to talk about MLM Memory Joggers again!

If you are looking for the very best MLM Memory Jogger available you can access here, along with over 15 hours of free training on how to launch your business effectively and profitably with a MLM Memory Jogger here:


Over 10 years ago, newsletter subscribers were asking many many question about MLM Memory Joggers.  At that time in history there was a real “Throw away your Warm Market List”  propaganda spreading throughout the network marketing profession.




Do memory Joggers work my upline tells me they don’t?



Who is you upline?  How large a team have they built?  Who are… Continue reading »

As most of you know, my oldest daughter (Brittanie) is married to Andrew Brown a pastor and they are the parents of my one and only grandchild, Chapel Grace Brown. (My heart just melts when I type her name) As someone has said if I knew grandchildren would be soooo much fun, I would have had them first.


Anyway, Andrew is a very anointed pastor and communicator, every time I hear him, I think to myself I have to start bringing my journal to take notes. I use to take my journal to church every week, but over the years have gotten out of the habit. I am going to start doing it again, because it seems that every week, I am searching for a bulletin and pen to take notes.

Yesterday I wrote one note from Andrews sermon:… Continue reading »

Who are you?

What do you have?

Why Should I care?

WOW I was just on a conference call with Les Brown and several other people who will be speaking in Atlanta in a couple of weeks.

Les said something tonight, that I want to remember so I thought I would share it with you.  3 Very thought provoking questions.

Who are you –  What do you have — Why Should I care ……….

See Les Brown in Atlanta

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