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If you have been reading this blog anytime at all,
or have invested in our Creating Online MLM Leads
program, you know I am a BIG FAN of article marketing.

This method alone creates thousands of hits to my
websites monthly.

I attempt to write a minimum of  3-5 Articles a week
and have been doing this for a long time.

The compounding effect of writing articles has really
kicked in high gear for me this year.

If you are not using articles to market your product
and services, you should be!

In our course we use and
and supply you with a list of over 50 different places
you can publish your articles.


There is no doubt that articles placed in this directory
will place high in google search rankings.

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I just heard a great sermon tonight that is applicable in all areas of your life and especially when it comes to building a network marketing business.

You must have a PURPOSE.

I teach the concept of 20 Reasons and Top 3 and I know those of you that have been following our systems anytime at all have heard me discuss this. The 20 Reasons, and Top 3 Reasons sheets are the foundation for our distributor retention system. ( )

However I believe PURPOSE goes deeper than your “why”. The why is mandatory and absolutely necessary from the first day someone joins your team, purpose is probably developed over time. Granted some people find network marketing opportunities that go hand-in-hand with a purpose they had already developed prior to getting involved in the industry.

Personally I feel my purpose… Continue reading »

Here is something else to think about. MLM SELF IMAGE

Many people get involved with companies or opportunities they perceive to me hip, trendy, or unique.

Most people get their – MLM self image – from their companies product line and not from the opportunity.

The entire time I was building when people asked me what I did I would always say “I teach people how to create a $100,000+ a year income working from home”

My “MLM Self Image” was always attached to the opportunity, not the product line.

I understood early on that the product line was never going to make me successful. I also understood that just because I like a certain product should never be the reason I attached myself to the company.

I can use and enjoy the products, without marketing the opportunity.

The most… Continue reading »


At the time of this writing I am watching one of the greatest sports moments in history, watching JOSH HAMILTON in the HOME RUN DERBY.  He just sat an all time record with 28 HOME RUNS in round one.

Josh was a member of the Cincinnati Reds last year “MY TEAM” he was my favorite player, because of his story.  I was very disapointed when the Reds traded him over the winter, but it is awesome to see what he is doing this year.

I have always said, people see people where they are, and don’t see “the road traveled” Josh Hamilton has one of the most inspiring stories I have ever heard.

You can read it all here


It is worth the read.






Laughing daily is one of the best things we can do for
our well being and health.

This will provide you with your laugh for today:

TAKE 2 MINUTES and follow the instructions below
I promise you a smile!


2)   Type your first name on the first line

3)   Type your last name on the 2nd line


4)   Click on Vizualizar button the left side


Thanks to my long time friend Dave Mansfield for
sharing this with me.






There is a RIGHT WAY & WRONG WAY to do everything.

All successful marketing comes down to modeling the Success of others. If we choose not to become educated, or not to follow that which is being taught by someone who knows what they are doing, whose fault is that?

With that said, IT IS BETTER TO TAKE ACTION, than to sit on your hands and do nothing. Just remember, action alone does not guarantee success. You must constantly refine your methods and systems, it is an ongoing process, and you absolutely must be willing to take direction from those who have accomplished the results you want and …………..NOBODY ELSE!

As you have heard may say many times there are a lot of people in the market place trying to teach people “How to do” that which they have “NEVER… Continue reading »

Twitter allows users, called Twitterers, to stay constantly connected with friends and family by sending and receiving short messages called Tweets. Those who are interested in someone’s random musings can subscribe to his or her Twitter feed.The free service is part of the broader online social networking trend sweeping the country. It has enjoyed such strong success in Northern California’s Silicon Valley that Twitter Inc. recently raised $15 million in funding at a valuation of nearly $100 million.

MLM Leaders can use Twitter to model the correct daily activities for their downline.

A great “teaching by example” tool.

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