There is a RIGHT WAY & WRONG WAY to do everything.

All successful marketing comes down to modeling the Success of others. If we choose not to become educated, or not to follow that which is being taught by someone who knows what they are doing, whose fault is that?

With that said, IT IS BETTER TO TAKE ACTION, than to sit on your hands and do nothing. Just remember, action alone does not guarantee success. You must constantly refine your methods and systems, it is an ongoing process, and you absolutely must be willing to take direction from those who have accomplished the results you want and …………..NOBODY ELSE!

As you have heard may say many times there are a lot of people in the market place trying to teach people “How to do” that which they have “NEVER DONE”. Be very careful who you listen to.

If it sound like I am ranting, maybe I am. As many of you know I have been testing Ebay selling methods and opportunities for several years. I primarily use Ebay as a lead generation tool for my consulting, coaching services. I have had as many as 7 different Ebay businesses ALL of which reached the Ebay “Power Seller” status.

In fact if you go directly to right now you will see the  logo  Member is a PowerSeller

I know what I am talking about.

If I have one more person tell me that selling on Ebay doesn’t work….I am just going to throw up!I don’t care if you are selling on Ebay to make $$$ or create leads, if you follow a few simple rules, IT WILL WORK FOR YOU!

My dad is making money weekly selling golf balls and golf items. Danny who works with me here at the office went on a nice vacation to the beach with his wife this year, primarily from extra cash he generated with Ebay, Craigs List & Google Adwords. My sister buys and sells her daughters wardrobe on Ebay every Spring and Fall and made almost $2,000 in 3 weeks this spring, all on Ebay.

I have dozens of students and people who have invested in my course at who are creating leads monthly with Ebay and other students from my site that are creating cash on demand and who have become Power Sellers themselves with Ebay and online auctions!


1) Don’t get greedy or creative with the postage fees you charge. Listen if you are trying to make money on the postage fees, people aren’t stupid, they see that and they resent it. Charging $6.00 to send a DVD that you can mail anywhere in the country for about a $1.80 will not work. I understand that there are “gurus” who are teaching this method but all they are doing is hurting your credibility if you follow this advice. I see nothing wrong if your S&H fees cover you actual cost, listing fees and a a few pennies for your supplies, but if you consistently over charge for postage Ebay buyers will BLACKBALL YOU!

2) If your goal is to develop leads then all you really want to do is break even on the front end. If I go to a book store and find a marketing book that retails for $24.00 and I buy it for $2.25, I am NOT going to try to start the bid at $15.00. I will start the bid for $2.25 or $2.99 plus a fair P&H rate. If I cover my investment & create a lead I WIN!

My goal is to create a lead, not make $10.00 on the sale of a book. Plus just because I start the bid at $2.99 doesn’t mean it will end there, it could sale for $5.00, $10.00, or more. I have faith that huge Ebay market place will bid items up to a fair amount.

3) Use good descriptions. Don’t short cut this step. Here is a tip. If I selling a program Called XYZ Success. I recommend that you do a search for XYZ Success. Try to find where the item is being sold at retail. Then pull your description from that site. Not necessarily word for word, but I see nothing wrong with copying the description from the retail site, pasting it into your Ebay description and then changing it up a little. Yes, most of the time on Ebay people are familiar with the item they are bidding on, but not always so write good descriptions.

4) USE 1 Picture. If you are selling books, DVD’s, CD’s and other training materials more than one picture is a waste of money. With other high end items multiple pictures can be a plus but with educational materials, you need 1 picture, just so the person knows you actually have what you are selling. There is a fee for every picture after your 1st one and there is no value in multiple pictures.

5) Don’t use special features such as sub category, bolding etc. they cost you money and there is no need. Why we are on the subject listing fees, never start any item at between $10.00 – $10.99. As soon as you go over $9.99 you are paying more for the listing. If I see someone starting an item at $10.00 I know this person is an unexperienced Ebayer because they could have started the auction for 1 penny less, $9.99 and saved 15 cents in initial listing fees.

6) Establish your policies and place them at the end of every auction. Ours for my account simply says:

MLMHelpAuctions Policies.  Please make payment within 3 days of auction ending via paypal.  We also accept your personal check, cashiers checks, money orders, or your personal credit card.  All items are sent within 24 hours of receiving payment.  We appreciate your business and leave feedback for all our bidders. S&H on this huge package is 9.00 Priority Mail.

7) USE AN ABOUT ME PAGE. It is FREE and I talk about this extensively in my 21 Ways to Create Online MLM Leads course. It is 100% FREE to set up and gives you a great opportunity to piggy back on Ebay’s huge traffic and receive clicks to your personal website. Again, NO ABOUT ME PAGE says no experience.

8) Start the majority of your Auctions on Sunday night between 9:30 – 11:30 EST. I use the phrase “go where the traffic is” a lot in my trainings. Ebay is one of the Top 5 visited sites on the Internet, so they definitely have the traffic and the majority of Ebay’s traffic is online on Sunday evenings between 9:30 – 11:30 EST. So if you do a 7 day auction, which you should, then you want your items to end at the exact time.


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