I realize that it may be possible that some of our younger readers may not know who John Belushi was and may have never seen Animal House, one of the Top 5 Comedy movies of all time in my humble opinion. If you want to laugh, this is the movie!

College enrollment is dropping and will probably continue this trend. I have always thought college was a place to hang out for 4 years for those that were not ready to take on the real world, and totally unecessary for most people. Don’t get me wrong, I want to make sure my doctors, denist, and anyone working on my body or my family have a college education. There are some career paths that need specialized education for sure.

If we are truthful most people with a general studies 4 year degree would probably say college was a great experience but a waste of time and money especially for entrepreneurs. I realize this thought is in vogue now, but I have been saying this since for years and actually wrote this book, about ten years ago.

I believe the wisdom I learned in my early twenties from Jim Rohn.

“Formal education makes you a living, self-education makes you a Fortue” “Profits are better than Wages” The truth is is you know you have an entrepreneur spirit, finding the right mentor, mentorship is more important than a college education.

Colleges are desparate to keep people interested and engaged. Below is an article from the Hustle talking about how and why colleges are trying to provide more course options with a new idea called course sharing. This idea is probably very valid for the normal student, but offers no evidence why pure bread entreprenuer spiritied people should consider college over mentorship.

Course sharing, explained
Small colleges and big universities — including the likes of Harvard, Duke, and Yale — are “course sharing,” or teaming up to offer students a wider array of classes.It’s already common among smaller liberal arts schools, and increasing among community colleges and HBCUs, per The New York Times.

Why it matters

Demand for colleges has already been falling due to student loan worries and alternative education paths, like much-cheaper courses offered by tech firms.Liberal arts colleges face another challenge as students shift away from humanities degrees, like English or philosophy, in favor of those that offer a clear career path, like coding or cybersecurity.

Schools that don’t offer those programs risk losing students, but often lack the up to $2.2m it can cost to develop a new program.Through course sharing, the larger school streams its already-developed classes online to students from both schools. It’s a win-win scenario:

Smaller colleges remain competitive and maintain enrollment levelsLarger schools fill open spacesStudents can attend their school of choice and still take the classes they want Tech startups support the trend Course-sharing platforms like Acadeum, which has a network of 440+ schools, handle infrastructure and moving pieces — tracking grades, payments, etc. All three get a cut of tuition, but the smaller schools ultimately benefit from overall enrollment.

For example, Adrian College, a liberal arts school in Michigan, has added programs in 17 fields over the last two years, attracting 100 students, per NYT.Their combined four-year educations are expected to bring in $8m+ in tuition and other fees.
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