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I personally believe that you should forget about
everything when you go on vacation. Let your
mind rest, renew and refocus. Try not to think
about your business.

From experience I know that is easier said than
done. For 20 or so years when I was building
teams, I prospected on every vacations.

As I look back now I realized this consistent
activity brought me some very good team
membersa and a few life long friends.

However if you are traveling to the beach or
somewhere else on vacation this year here are
3 Tips. For example’s sake let’s assume you are
going to Daytona Beach.

#1) Run Free Classified Ads targeting the Daytona
Beach area.

Here are our Top 10 Recommend Free
Classified AD sites:
Classifieds For Free
Classified Ads
Its My… Continue reading »

Mike Potillo Ironworks








Dale Calvert, Mike Potillo, Roge Wagers
In front of Dale Calvert’s Lexington Home



I hope you have had a great weekend, mine was awesome. As I sit here this morning, I started thinking about all the negative junk I read over the weekend about Mike Potillo and his involvement in a company called 360.


Let me start with a little background. I first met Mike in the mid nineties at a convention right after he had joined the company I was involved with. It was his first network marketing company

Ignorance on Fire, would be a good description of him at the time. He was a very likeable young man with big dreams. When I started my own company in 2000 Mike called our office one day and said … Continue reading »

“BACKDOOR” to internet marketing

Businesses across America need you
and what you know… and they are willing
to pay you big money.

Check out this video that explains it all:

You can be part of something VERY big
right now. You’ll help the economy, your
community and YES yourself.

By helping local businesses connect with
new customers using basic social media.

Social Media Managers are in HUGE
demand right now. You don’t need a
product or a website to rake it in.

Ryan Deiss, has teamed up with Kate Buck in
Austin, who’s a social media manager is making
a steady $10K a month right now PART-TIME.

Watch this short video to see how she does

Check out this video that explains it all:

See ya soon,

– Dale Calvert

P.S. Social media managers can work from… Continue reading »

I want this post to be encouraging but I am going to tell you what you need to hear, but not necessarily what you want to hear. I have seen this situation play out tens of thousands of times over the years. The truth is most people who become network marketing distributors. peak the day they join an that is the height of their career.

They call a relative and the relative blows them off, and they are done. The real problem is the investment to get involved with this industry is so small, quitting or never getting started is easy. You should feel good about the fact that it has been 90 days, and you are still going for it!

What industry can you enter with no skills, no education and immediately have success and earn a 6 figure… Continue reading »

I just got back from an awesome 2 week
vacation and cruise. Dawn will be posting
pictures on her Facebook soon.

Anyway, I got back and had 164 Friend
request on Facebook:

9 of the request said this:


Nice to find you in an Internet Marketing Group!

Hope you can add me as friend so that we can learn
Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing together.


Just a couple of ideas.

Does anyone else think these 9 people had just
finished being on an “Attraction Marketing” webinar
and were told what to say?

I believe in scripts, but at least in this type of
situation if you are going to send a messsage
with your Facebook request

* Make your message original
(over the past couple of months I have received at
least 200 request with the… Continue reading »

“You must act in accordance to your program” I did not say
you might, you could or it is possible. YOU MUST ACT in
accordance with your program.

Think about this, who is a top money earner in your company?

Got one in your mind?

If you had their programming, you would have their results!

I know you may be thinking, Dale what about all their skill

The skill sets anyone develops or doesn’t develop is based upon
their programming.

What about all their contacts?
The number of contacts people develop or don’t is based upon

All of our minds are made up of multiple programs.
We have programs about:

What kind of parent we are
How athletic we are or aren’t
How much we enjoy reading
How good of a communicator we are
How… Continue reading »


This is a very simple way to create traffic to your website.

Every marketer should use email signiture files.  A signiture file is basically a classified ad that is attached at the bottom of every email you send.

Most email delivery companies allow you to set and forget these signiture files.

Below is an example of one of the BEST signiture files I have ever seen.  A PICTURE REALLY IS WORTH A THOUSANDS WORDS!

Larry is one of our customers and newsletter subscribers, I have no doubt that this creates business for him.

Here's to Seeing "Less" of You!
Larry Fuchs, Jr
Independent Distributor

Isagenix Double 100 Pound Club Member

Weight Loss Hall of Fame #13

Home Office 727.712.8479
Cell Phone 727.647.2273

Dedicated to Your Success!


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