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I hope you have had a great weekend, mine was awesome. As I sit here this morning, I started thinking about all the negative junk I read over the weekend about Mike Potillo and his involvement in a company called 360.


Let me start with a little background. I first met Mike in the mid nineties at a convention right after he had joined the company I was involved with. It was his first network marketing company

Ignorance on Fire, would be a good description of him at the time. He was a very likeable young man with big dreams. When I started my own company in 2000 Mike called our office one day and said -I want to come to work for you-. At the time I did everything I could to discourage him, but about 8 hours later at $8.00 an hour he showed up at my office with his car loaded down. He was not  going to take no as an answer.

Over the next few years Mike worked in our office daily. He loved the excitement. Many times I have wished he could have been with me a few years earlier when I could have had more time to provide direct business building support.

Eventually, I decided that I did not want the responsibility of a downline or owning a company and decided to semi- retire and just focus on generic training, consulting and seminars and other business models.

That is what I have been doing for the last 8 years or so. Mike, and my VP of sales at the time, took the company over and eventually merged it with Vita Mark where Mike became the top money earner. I know that Mike put his heart and soul into building his Vita Mark team.














From there he went to Ardyss in a corporate position and made Body Magic a household name within the MLM community. Now Mike is working in some corporate capacity with 360. Let me say, that I basically have no opinion about the 360 comp plan or product line. I have never had a reason to investigate it.

I know the internet is full of people that have tried to pick apart the products and comp plan, but I have no firsthand knowledge of either so I know better than to comment.

What I do know is how many network marketers do not give other network marketers the benefit of the doubt. I know, I know, I am as out spoken as anyone about all the junk that self proclaimed  gurus propagate in the market place. I have always said, –Do it, and then talk about it–. Mike has done it.

The only people that do not have others trying to pick them apart are the one’s that have never done anything! I have said all of that to say this. The highest compliment I can give any leader or corporate officer is that They have a heart for the distributors.  This industry is full of corporate people who feel the distributors are a necessary evil and distributors with leadership titles whose only concern is building a following, instead of other leaders.

I have known Mike for many years. I have known his wife Tiffany and her parents Bill & Teresa since she was in grade school. I have had dinner on multiple occasions with Mike’s parents. THEY ARE ALL GOOD PEOPLE.

Has Mike said or done things in the past that maybe I have disagreed with? Probably, and I am sure he would say the same thing about me. I have also tried to live by the philosophy, Never try to explain yourself, your friends don’t need an explanation and your enemies aren’t going to believe you anywayây. Give the guy a break!

He is an only child, very excitable person that grew up watching and loving Don Lapre infomercials. He is not perfect, and MAYBE the 360 products and comp plan aren’t either, so what? Neither are you!










If you want to join, join, if you don’t, don’t but why waste your time trying to make a villain out of someone whom you don’t know that truly does have the best interest of his team and the network marketing industry at heart?

It makes no sense. Listen, I am all for throwing those people under the bus that KNOWINGLY mislead and misguide people! I can say without reservation that Mike Potillo is NOT one of those people.

Yes Mike’s Famous Apprentice Video was filmed in front of my Lexington home.














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