Multiple Streams Of Income

First came direct sales…

Second came, Network Marketing

Third, cashflow from Ebay…

Fourth came —  Publishing Kindle Books

Fifth came Amazon FBA…

Sixth came Income Generating Websites with Amazon Affiliate Programs

Seventh came Shopify Ecommerce Stores

8th came came Shopify + Drop shipping…

At Calvert Marketing Group we have been involved in all of those business niches over the years, and many more.  Truth be told, we still have our hands in most of them at some level, but our number one goal this year is to liquidate and sell as many of our ecommerce platforms and income producing websites as possible.

We need to clear our plates from some of the great businesses we are involved with so we have time for the Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that we have found for 2022.

And now, the next wave in… Continue reading »

MLM Wealth Creation


Make no mistake about it, I believe network marketing is about “Wealth Creation”, and has very little to do with making extra income. I have always advised people that want to make a few hundred extra dollars a month go sell hammers and tools at the flea market or something. In other words there are easier ways to make a few hundred extra dollars a month than trying to learn the skill sets and mindsets it takes to build a network marketing team.

When I say things like this it infuriates many network marketing Ambassadors. However I have never seen myself as someone who is “sold out” to the network marketing business model. I understand that it is not for everyone. I also believe my obligation is to help people break the 9 -5 rat race if… Continue reading »

July 13th


As most of you know I have been encouraging the readers of to become educated on several new marketing trends over the past year and a half or so, one of them being Kindle publishing.

The numbers on the number of books being sold now on Amazon Kindle compared to bound books are staggering.  Major bookstores around the country are going out of business.  Will there come a day when a bound book is as obsolete as a record album?

That is what many experts are predicting.  All I know is over the last year and a half Dawn and I have devoted a large amount of our personal education time to learning all we can about Kindle Publishing.  Neither of us are what I would call tech savvy, especially me so to say this entire… Continue reading »

Multiple Streams of Network Marketing Income is a topic that you don’t here as much about as you did a
a few years ago, when I first wrote this article.  Since that time I have recorded a podcast session on  multiple streams of mlm income that will reveal more depth on the subject.



Here is the bottom line:

Over the past 35 years I have met thousands of people who were earning $100,000 + with their network marketing business. I have never met ONE PERSON who was making $10,000+ from two or more companies attempting to BUILD two teams at the same time   Dale Calvert



If you know anyone or have ever met anyone who was making multiple six figure incomes building two teams at the SAME TIME, please let… Continue reading »

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