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A couple of years ago we wrote and published our first Ebook MLM Insight. At the end of the ebook we had an evaluation that distributors had the option to complete and email to me.

I personally looked over the evaluations and made suggestion on how they could move their network marketing business forward. I was absolutely amazed at the people who have been with a company a couple of years, have six or seven distributors in their organization, and hadn’t personally sponsored anyone in ninety days or longer.

Now, a couple of years later and nothing has changed.

That is were the inspiration for this article came.


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I hope everyone has a great weekend.

My youngest daughter is a senior at Lexington Christian Academy and one of 3 Seniors on the HOME COMING COURT.  So tonight my wife and I will be at the football game, supporting her.  We are very proud of her and she is our queen regardless of the outcome of the voting, but I expect her to win!
Tomorrow we will be helping our middle daughter, Channing get moved into her apartment and hopefully tomorrow night I will be watching the University of Kentucky football team beat up on the ARK. Razorbacks!

I hope you have a great weekend planned.

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This is a long, painful story.  I am going to share with you the short version, in hopes that you don’t make the same mistake I made.


If you have been around Internet Marketing at all, you have heard this hundreds of times. If you are a regular reader of myNO FLUFF MARKETING Ezine, you have heard me encourage network marketers many times over the past couple of years to BUILD A DATABASE (Your List)

MLMHELP.COM  was started back in 1996.  At that time, I did everything wrong, but I still made over $100,000 the first year the site went online.  Over $20,000.00 of that came from a promotion I did for Cory Rudl’s Internet Marketing Course,

The only thing I did correct was start my ezine.… Continue reading »

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Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot
slpeling was ipmorantt! if you can raed tihs
forwrad it

Nwo I udsnaterand wyh I dtnot’ ctach mslipsled wdros ….. Dlae

DISCOVER… Continue reading »

I remember a few years ago, when coaching became the new buzz.

I understand coaching for:

Professional Athletes
Race Car Drivers
even Internet Marketers

However, I had and still have a terrible time wrapping my mind around the concept of a MLM Coach, someone to help you in your Network Marketing Business.

My immediate response is what in the heck is your upline doing to earn their royalty commissions? If you are a leader and have downline members who are using the services of a coach, you should be ashamed! That is all I am going to say to you about that.

With that said the last 7 years of my 27 year network marketing career, I have been operating Calvert Marketing Group a consulting, coaching, and Seminar Company for the network marketing industry. Thankfully most of my… Continue reading »

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