Ron Heneley

It’s getting harder and harder to find real mentors.

I look around, and the majority of what’s out there today are the blind leading the blind.

People just don’t do their due diligence anymore.

They blindly accept what they’ve been told without verifying its efficacy.

Let me share with you 3 magic words my grandpa gave to me that will serve you well:

“Trust, but verify!”

You cannot take the risk of accepting information at face value.

It was bad enough with person to person conversations but social media has poured gas on the idiot fire!

For sensationalism, people take what they heard yesterday, from yet another nitwit, put their spin on it, and pump it out as content.

There’s the concept of lining up 30 people in a circle, whispering a sentence to the person next to you, having them repeat the sentence to the person next to them, on and on down the line.

By the time the 30th person repeats what they heard back to you, it’s no where near what you said to the first person.

The same principle is going on today with the plethora of self-proclaimed gurus out there who have been in business for about 7 minutes but they’re giving you all the answers.

Sounds great Ron, but how do you find the right mentor?

1) They have a transparent past.

They’ve been around a while. They didn’t just suddenly appear. You can do a Google search and see their experience. You can see what others are saying about them.

2) They give away lots of value.

They openly share their experiences with time tested ideas and proven strategies without trying to sell you something.

3) They don’t just sell you the dream.

Unlike the fake gurus out there, they share the good, the bad, the happy, and the sad. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Along with possibilities, a true mentor will show you the snares and pitfalls.

4) They are humble.

They don’t constantly post pictures of their mansions, yachts, and fancy cars. They are respected for what they do, and who they are, not what they have.

5) They are value focused. (I have heard this term before 🙂 )

They sincerely want to help you achieve your objectives. They meet you where you are and help point, guide, and direct you to where YOU want to go.

These are just a few suggestions to get you started on your search.

No matter what, please, Please, PLEASE do your due diligence and NEVER blindly follow!

As Jim Rohn said, “Be a student, not a follower.”

Make darn sure the advice, the mentoring, the coaching, the guidance you’re getting is solid and truly comes from real people doing real things.

Not these idiots who got started yesterday and now think they have all the answers.

The wisdom of the ages is not to be ridiculed.

Karma NEVER sleeps.

The universal laws NEVER change.

They are as constant as the Northern star.

I love you all, and if you’re reading this, I will help you any way I can.

Make it a GREAT day my friends ?

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