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Last week I shared with you info about
what I predicted would create a major
buzz in the internet marketing world.

How many dozen emails did you receive about
“Perpetual Traffic” & “Google is broken” last week?

I had nearly 30.

The sooner you see this the better:

If nothing else, read the 2 free reports and download
the free software!!!!!!

Ryan’s reports and software have taught us all these FACTS:

1. Free Traffic RULES and is easier to get than ever.
Because of Googles new “Caffeine” update, the little
guy really has a shot again.

2. Paid traffic is harder than free and it’s dwindling.
Even Google admits that, at least 15% a year and
dropping fast.

3. There is a proven system for getting all the free
traffic you want and once you know that formula you… Continue reading »

I just returned from a trip to Budapest, Hungary.
I did 3 MLM training seminars in 2 days.

I did my best to teach and inspire the people in
attendence. When I travel, especially outside of
the United States it seems that I learn more than
I ever expect.

In my next issue of my monthly “No Fluff” MLM
Help newsletter, the entire issue will be dedicated
to this trip and be called “Lessons from Budapest”.
If you don’t subscribe to this content rich newsletter
you can right here:

The friendships you develop in the network marketing
industry are one of the most valuable benefits of being
in this industry.

Before I left for Budapest I got word that a former
downline member Barry Tiller had died in an automobile
accident. He was 44, and left his wife and… Continue reading »

I guess this is just a sign of the times.

I was registering for a marketing forum this afternoon,
and besides the normal options.

One was Panic Button. I had never seen or heard of
this, but this is what the sign up form said about it:

The Panic Button is an icon that resides at bottom right
hand corner of each post. If your Boss turns up, clicking
the icon immediately sends you to another URL of your
choice. Select the appropriate button to turn this feature
ON or OFF.

Can you believe that?

On 2nd thought, somebody will end up making a generic
downloadable product like this, and probably make a

Just what I need, another idea.

Not to worry, unlike 99% of the “consultants”
and “trainers” in the industry, I DO NOT HAVE
an opportunity to pitch you. LOL

I was doing some research this morning and found it
interesting that over 6000 people a month search
Google for the keyword phrase New MLM Company.

That tells me there is a good chance that
frustrated distributors are searching for a new mlm
company to make them successful. I may be totally
off base here, but that is what the search term new
mlm company suggest to me, what about you?

The truth is if you have trouble building company
ABC, then you will have trouble building company

Building a network marketing business is like
any other profession in life. It requires a certain set of
skill sets. More importantly in network marketing
is your MIND… Continue reading »

This time last year the hype and hysteria surrounding the
launch of the new Trump Network was in full swing.
In June I wrote a post about it here that you can read:
June Post

After the post my email box was full of MLM Newbies
calling me a fool, and other choice names. These people
were certain that “The Donald” was going to be their

Anyway, in December, I did an update post which you
can read here: December Post
Again I received an email box full of people threatening to
“never read my blog again” and unsubscribe from my
monthly No Fluff ezine.

Yes I understand that it would be easier and much more
politically correct to not ruffle feathers. But I did have a
few positive emails from people who have been around
the… Continue reading »

Last weekend Dawn and I stopped at a road side stand
and bought several pounds of produce. Fresh Blueberries,
A Dozen ears of corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.

This afternoon I was shucking corn on the porch and
couldn’t help but think about Jim Rohn’s story of the
parable of the sewer.

(At 3 Basic Laws

It is hard to believe that one cornel of corn can create
such a harvest. You have to plant in order to reap.
The problem with most network marketers is they
expect a great harvest with minimal seed planting.

Yes, when you plant, the birds are going to get some
and the heat will destroy some. But …..if you continue
to plant eventually the seed will take root and multiply
10 foe.

You have to continue to plant, daily, weekly and
monthly. Recruiting is… Continue reading »

It seems that every time I have checked my email this
week there is yet another email from another marketer
talking about PPV traffic.

For those of you that read our monthly newsletter and
or have attended some of my live events over the past
14-15 months you know we have been teaching this traffic
source for almost a year and a half.

I just can’t figure out why now, there seems to be so
much interest and by now I mean THIS WEEK. It has
been crazy.

Yes, PPV traffic is the lowest cost paid traffic source
available. Yes it can convert very well and make you
$$$. We have been using PPV traffic in our campaigns
for over a year.

When you first learn about this traffic source you will get
fired up. I have seen attendess breathing… Continue reading »

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