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It is about 4:30 in the morning, and I am restless and can't sleep.

I found the article below that I wrote in JUNE OF 2001. I think this may speak to some of you, so I thought I would include it here.


A Return to Truth

From June 2001

Hello All,

At the time of this writing my wife Stephanie, and, I are in Chattanooga TN at a couples conference sponsored by Kay Arthur Precept Ministries. It has been a beautiful weekend, and it is always great to have the opportunity to get away for a few days.

My opening comments in this newsletter could be an article. If I were going to name the article it would be entitled:


Those of you that have been subscribers… Continue reading »


I got this email from a business associate, and thought my answers may help everyone, so I am answering the email here:

Hey Dale & Stephanie,
> Nice talking to you guys again at the Top Producers Trip, look forward to seeing you again real soon. Honestly would not mind getting to know you alot better, anyway I do appreciate what you have already done in my life so far.
> You have made me see the truth which I had no idea about before and I now know what to do.
> I have gone over the material you sent me, over and over again. I am curious about doing the meetings are there any tips are far as the settings. What all materials do you think I need. I have came up with a list,… Continue reading »

What a week and weekend!

Stephanie and I just spent an awesome week in Canada.  We were given the opportunity to attend the Ameriplan Top Producer Vactaion Trip. 

 We had a great time and this is a fabulous perk, because we currently have a corporate training contract with the company.


It gave us the opportunity to further develop our relationship with the Top Producers in the company,and we are very thankful for the opportunity to participate in such a great event, with great people,

in a truly unique city.


Normally when we vacation, we think BEACH, Quebec City is probably a place we never would have visited on our own, but it was fabulous.


They call it the Paris of North America, and I understand why!   Beautiful city, beautiful weather,  we had an… Continue reading »

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Hi all,

At the time of this writing, Stephanie and I are in Quebec Canada for a mini vacation.

This is one of the most unique cities I have ever visited, I understand why they call it the Paris of North America.

We just had lunch at a nice little Cafe’ and hung out on the board walk for awhile listening to a gentleman with a French accent sing old Hank Williams Sr. country music tunes and play his guitar. That was an unusual experience to say the least.

Even though we are in another country we can still do business, because of the Internet. Last night I was back and forth via email with a gentleman who is working on our newest project. It is a 65 page ebook called MLM 2008, if you are on… Continue reading »

I got another phone call today at the office.  A MLM Newbie has spent nearly $700 over the last 3 months on "HOT MLM LEADS" with nothing to show for it, except a large long distance phone bill and a lot of wasted time!

It seems like I am getting more and more calls like this every month and it sickens me.

YES!  There is a time and place for lead programs, I talk more about this at


If someone tells you to start buying leads, especially if you are new…..RUN!

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