It is about 4:30 in the morning, and I am restless and can't sleep.

I found the article below that I wrote in JUNE OF 2001. I think this may speak to some of you, so I thought I would include it here.


A Return to Truth

From June 2001

Hello All,

At the time of this writing my wife Stephanie, and, I are in Chattanooga TN at a couples conference sponsored by Kay Arthur Precept Ministries. It has been a beautiful weekend, and it is always great to have the opportunity to get away for a few days.

My opening comments in this newsletter could be an article. If I were going to name the article it would be entitled:


Those of you that have been subscribers to our newsletter and MLMHelp.com and have read my materials over the past few years shouldn't be surprised at the "State of the MLM Industry".

Much of what we see happening right now, was discussed and talked about in my January 2000 newsletter, https://mlmhelp.com/newsletter/12000.asp

I know many of you are Upline magazine subscribers. How many of you read the article last month by John Milton Fogg (Editor of Upline and author of the book "The Greatest Networker in the World") entitled "Has the Network Marketing Bubble Burst?"

Network Marketing stocks have dropped nearly 80% in the past year!

Heavy Hitters are doing everything they can, right or wrong to maintain their dwindling incomes.

Recruiting in virtually every company is at an ALL TIME LOW.

For the first time in history there are actually more network marketing companies going out of business each month, than new ones starting!

Company owners have fear in their eyes as they frantically turn to traditional methods to try to maintain their dwindling marketing share. We have seen more mergers and acquisitions within the industry in the past three years, than we have in the past 50 combined!

Many people hang on to the false hope that when the economy takes a down turn, things will get better…I have got news…IT WON'T

Things won't get better until we get better. As John Milton Fogg said in his article, is the same thing I have been preaching for years! "THE DAYS OF THROWING MUD ON THE WALL TO SEE WHAT STICKS", ARE OVER! Thank Goodness!

When we started Nu Creations a year ago, all the people within the industry who I respect, told me I was crazy. If I heard it once, I heard it a hundred times, "This is the worst time in history to start a network marketing company."

Believe me, they weren't telling me anything I didn't already know. When I agreed with these people, they really thought I was crazy! "Then why are you doing it," they would ask? We started Nu Creations because of deep personal reasons, because we had made a promise and an obligation to a group of people that we love and respect, and we simply were not going to go back on our word, regardless if it made good business sense!

With all of that said, I want each of you to understand, and hold on to the truth that,


I, for one, am more excited about my future, and the future of the industry than I ever have been. I am learning and growing, and network marketing is becoming fun again!

In my opinion, our industry has gone through 5 basic stages since its conception:

Stage One:TRUTH The Amway, Mary Kay, & Shaklee, Watkins, and a few others told people the truth. They talked about a 3-5 year plan to build total financial independence and a business that could be passed down to your loved ones. That business model of TRUTH was the greatest opportunity in the world for average people, with above average desire, and you know what IT STILL IS!

The industry has gotten itself in the condition it is in because it has strayed from the TRUTH. We started to try to figure out ways to shortcut the way it is. How can we cut time off the 3-5 year game plan? Which created stage two.

Stage Two:FRONT-END LOAD PROGRAMS The garages, garbage dumps, and flea markets of the world are full of Water Filters, Diet Powders, Personal Alarms, Laundry Balls, useless phone cards, and other products! Why? Because… we sold them to prospects and never taught them how to get those products in the hands of the consumer, the end user. Unfortunately, some programs are still using front-end load compensation plans in today's market place.

Stage Three:MASSIVE TAPE MAILING PROGRAMS Sit home, mail out postcards and cassette tapes and get rich! The masses lose, a small number of people at the top of the "Tape Mailing Pyramid" become rich. At about this time in our history 84-86 I was going crazy! I knew the industry was flirting with disaster and I made my feelings known. If you would like to study more about this time in history here are some valuable resources:

"Why You Can't Build a Network Marketing Company Mailing Cassettes" (Audio)

Prosperous Prospecting Alone Does Not a Successful Networker Make (Article)
John Milton Fogg

Pros, Cons, Myths, & Realities of "Recruiting Tapes" (Article)

Unfortunately some companies are still building Tape Mailing Pyramids in today's market place.

Stage Four:GIMMICK MARKETING PLANS Whatever happened to Gold Unlimited, Jewel Way, Destiny Communications, Travel Max, and the list goes on and on?!?!?! These "Binary compensation plan" companies exploded on the scene, only to go out of business or be shut down by regulators! Sadly, when they went down, they took the hopes and dreams of a lot of good people with them. Many of these people left the industry, and WILL NEVER RETURN! During this time I got a tremendous amount of grief & ridicule for speaking out AGAINST Binanary, and gimmick compressed pay plans. There are a couple of good, credible, companies who use compressed and binary marketing plans in today's market. Most however were a house of cards… designed to make a few people rich at the expense of many.

Stage Five:LET'S ALL START A INTERNET MALL & GET RICH During 1998 and the first part of 1999 this was the battle cry of the MLM masses. Some of you know that I was instrumental in the development of the first online MLM mall, The Balanced Living Company. We were actually operating a couple of months BEFORE Quickstar. I am convinced, that we had the right business model to make that concept a massive success for our distributors. However, impatience, no awareness or vision, with some of the field leaders and corporate officers made that project impossible, which ultimately is part of the reason that I am no longer associated with that company.

Stage Six:We are now in what I call "THE WILD, WILD WEST". I like to think of it as the "Gold Rush".

I have personally spent more time the past two years studying, learning, and analyzing what is really happening emotionally and psychologically within the industry, than at any other time in my 20-year career.

In 1983 after struggling in this industry for three years, I walked into my job at IBM at 6:00 AM. My subconscious mind opened up and I had a major break through which absolutely took me from rags to riches a few years later. That breakthrough was the concept of "Unified Duplicatable Systems & Programs".

METHODS CHANGE… but principals, concepts, and laws remain the same. The Methods of MLM are changing, and people are frantically running around in a panic trying to find the "Unified, Duplicatable Systems & Programs" for the next era in Network Marketing"

I have spent hundreds of hours studying and "digging" hard over the past 2 years. I know in my heart, and mind that I am so close to the Gold, that the next strike could be the one that hits the gold vein, that will keep us all busy for the next 20 years.

I know that the next vein will be much larger than the first. I believe that in the new era, people who learn to do MLM right… will be able to create more success on a world wide basis in far less time than it took the early Amway, Mary Kay, and Shaklee pioneers.

What goes around comes around. This industry must return to TRUTH!

I guess what I am really trying to say is don't stop believing in yourself, your dreams, and the network marketing industry. "Keep your hand to the Plow", become a student, and only listen to those who have done it! I want to encourage you! I promise you that as the Gold appears, we will continue to share it with you in this newsletter, as we have for the past 5 years.

In the past, people have not always wanted to hear the truth. However, I believe that if you REALLY CARE, you must tell people what they NEED to hear, not necessarily want to hear! I look forward to sharing "the gold" with you over the next few years.

God Bless you and yours!

The BEST is yet to come!


Dale Calver



So the question is, at this point in history, August 2007, what stage is the industry in?

Hopefully the "My Juice is Better than your Juice" stage is ending.  It would be ridiculous at this point for a company to throw another juice into an already flooded market! 

I would probably say the INTERNET WORK MARKETING Stage is what we are entering at this point in history.  When everyone was in the run to the internet and get rich stage they were doing it all wrong.

As I said back then, the problem with network marketers is they are trying to do MLM on the Internet, instead of learning PROVEN INTERNET SYSTEMS and applying them to their network marketing business.

Well a few people have done exactly that the last few years, but that has created an entirely new problem, called FORGET THE PROVEN SYSTEMS OF THE PAST AND BUILD IT 100% ONLINE.

THESE PEOPLE AREN'T LIEING TO YOU, THEY JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND THE TRUTH and I will be sharing a lot more on this at www.MLMLiars.com…..which is coming soon!

In the meantime you can grasp some insight if you want from my new book MLM Today at http://www.MLMToday.Biz

It is a fascinating industry we are in, and these are fascinating times, I just wish we could become smarter at the way we take our message to the market place.

If I read another how to build a huge downline method that your upline doesnt want you to know headline ……….I think I will just throw up!

LISTEN…….I know of no average IQ upline, that doesn't want their downline to build the largest business they possibly can!


Are there really that many "Victim Mentality' Network Marketers out there that think their mean upline is holding back secrets and doesn't want them to be successful?

GEEEEEZZZZZZZZ I certainly hope not! That short sided mentality is reserved for those with JOBS, not network marketers.

Oh well, I better stop now before I get on a roll.

Have a Great Labor Day Weekend, and I appreciate your support!



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