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I understand that most network marketers are not looking for Mindset
Training they are looking for techniques and methods.  Developing
the skill sets to become a lead generation expert is different
from the mindsets required to maximize your success as a
network marketing recruiter.

The internet is full of gurus that are more than willing to teach you their
secret recruiting method that that will instantly have prospects ringing
your phone off the hook screaming their credit card numbers at you and
demanding to join your team.  At least that is what they are trying to
convince you to believe.

The truth is lead generation is the easiest part of the RECRUITING PROCESS
and yes it is a PROCESS.  “Recruiting is not an EVENT that happens waiting
in the line at the post office, it is a process.  It is not talking Uncle Harry into
signing up in your program over Thanksgiving dinner.  IT IS A PROCESS!


You basically:

  1. Create a Lead and we teach dozens of methods that we have proven,
    refined, and duplicated over the years. (Again this is the easy part)
  2. Most leads are created by creating and MAINTAINING CURIOSITY
  3. Let the curious person get their curiosity satisfied on a live event
    held by an experienced person (Webinar, Conference Call, Online
    Video, etc)  If you own a pitch book for coffee shop presentations
    Throw it Away!  This video will explain why.
  4. Never try to close this person, just ask ONE QUESTION and you are
    done after they answer.  They will either join you now, join you later,
    or YOU don’t want them. (The one question is covered in our upcoming
    webinar click here for your invite)


The Secret to becoming a MASTER at anything is not practice.  Practice does
not make perfect, only “Perfect Practice” makes perfect!  I understand many
network marketers have been promised the magic recruiting Fu Fu dust from
guru trainers over the past several years.  Many of these  “I am a guru too”
scum bags have since left the profession to go  on to find more
profitable niches to sell their Fu Fu Dust to.

Other distributors have been abandoned by their sponsor or  never received
proper direction or training from someone who has actually done what
they are teaching them to do!

Unfortunately the industry is still flooded with people who have never in their
network marketing career. …. Created a Lead using the 4 steps above or any
steps and actually sponsored someone.  Truthfully for the past 15+ years all
we have really accomplished is recruiting each other from deal to deal.

Yet these “self proclaimed” gurus  are willing to sell you an ebook sharing
779 ways to create leads, even though they have personally NEVER DONE IT!

The facts are when they join a new program they spend a couple of weeks
calling everyone they have met in the past 19 programs they have been in.

Then they stop, and when the momentum and excitement is gone in a few
months,  one of their cronies calls them and they jump in the next deal and
the entire cycle to nowhere starts all over again.

The sad part is, normally  their “TEAM” jumps with  them from program
to program until they figure out what is really going on.  Good people, leave
this industry everyday, NEVER TO RETURN because their upline never
understood the game doesn’t START until AFTER they join!

The industry is not just about getting them in, it is about keeping them 
in and helping them move forward!

The last thing these people will ever tell you is that the right RECRUITING MINDSET
is required because that implies effort, work, and getting out of your comfort zone.
If most people were told they are going to need to develop some skill sets and
mindsets they don’t currently have to develop a full-time income then they wouldn’t
be motivated to buy the 779 ways to create leads ebook the self proclaimed guru
needs to sell them!

I am going to cover a lot of information on this Thursday’s webinar that
you sincerely need to internalize if you want to maximize your recruiting
efforts in network marketing.

Yes, from a business standpoint, it would be much easier to just sell you Dale’s
brand of Fu Fu Dust, but when it is all said and done, I believe ultimately your
financial success in any market is in direct proportion to the REAL VALUE
(Not perceived value) you provide to the market that you serve.

Eventually good people see through the smoke and mirrors and
dog and pony shows.

If you are attempting to teach something you have never actually done the
value will not be there, and intelligent students stop buying.  That is one of
the reasons there is a long list of network marketing trainers that have come,
gone, and moved on to other niches over the years.

Yes, in 2000 after I sold all my interest in my network marketing company
and moved on to other niches.  Not because I was looking for another income
stream, but because I got so tired of dealing with people who really believed
there was Fu Fu Dust somewhere that a guru could sprinkle on them and make
them instantly start ATTRACTING people into their downline.   (Yes, pun

It was like the industry was over flooded with people that stopped buying
lottery tickets and started joining MLM programs.

Fu Fu Dust Meme











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We will cover

  • The 7 Mindsets Great Recruiters Process
  • How to Recruit new people and acquire new customers during the Holidays
  • Plus much insightful information and proven concepts that will make
    a positive impact on your business.  We don’t pull punches,  we don’t have any
    Fu Fu Dust, and have no tolerance for Fluff!I hope this article gives you something to think about, and I hope you will
    join us on our  webinar Thursday night, you can click here for your webinar



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