I love nothing better than sharing my proven team building systems with those who are eager to grow. If this sounds like you, we need to connect. 


Here are 8 ways you can access my knowledge, 30+ years of experience and network marketing team building systems. I have arranged these in order from those that require the least amount of financial investment to the most.

At this point in my life Network Marketing Support Services is a labor of love. Personally, I just need to be able to justify the time I devote to this company versus our other businesses. I am willing to go above and beyond what any business minded person is willing to do to support the profession.

Because I do not need to sell training programs and seminar seats to make my living, I am free to share with our clients and customers NOT what “I think they want to hear, but what I know they need to hear” to stack the odds for success in the network marketing profession in their favor. I have had many people tell me, “Dale you act like you don’t care if people buy from you or not.” That would be a correct assumption, I bought into this philosophy years ago.

“You must care about people enough to tell them what they NEED to hear, not necessarily what they WANT to hear” – Jim Rohn


My goal is to simply be authentic and help develop network marketing leaders who can develop network marketing leaders. Frankly, the world is full of people who are only interested in “Building their Brand.” They are forever stroking people’s ego and telling them every challenge is their old school upline, or their greedy company owners fault just to build their following.  It appears to me that they tell people what they want to hear so they can sell them what they want to sell them.

I understand who my ideal clients are and quite frankly, at this point in the history of network marketing, it is business minded people that are more interested in building real businesses with real customers.  Let’s be real, most network marketers are what leaders used to call “MLM Junkies.” They are constantly looking for a product or comp plan to make them successful. The truth is 100% of ZERO is ZERO.  Others are more interested in hanging out with positive people than they are moving their life and their business forward.

Our clients and customers understand, and embrace the fact that if they develop the skill sets and mindsets of a real network marketing leader then the income will follow.  They understand it is about building people.

I had a millionaire friend outside of the network marketing industry tell me this week, “Dale, I don’t understand why you decided to devote the time and energy you are spending with Network Marketing Support Services. Most of the people involved in that industry aren’t willing to invest in their own personal development, and the ones that do have the disposable income think they already have all the answers.”  

Sadly, I agree with my friend’s observation. My response to him was, “You are exactly right, and that is exactly why I am doing what I am doing. What is that quote about when good people do nothing? The network marketing industry has to stop appealing to the mediocrity in people and start developing and inspiring people, developing leaders SYSTEMATICALLY. I understand how to do this and can teach it to anyone who wants to learn better than anyone I can refer a friend to.”

So if this makes sense to you, this is how I can support and help you grow your business.

1. Search my site. This website has been online since the mid-nineties. I have written hundreds of articles, and produced over 200 hours of videos. Chances are I have already addressed your question or issue. Just use the search box in the upper right-hand corner of this page. You can always send me a question directly by selecting the ASK DALE button in the top left hand corner of this website. My weekly podcasts are another free resource, and my webinars are not designed to sell you something, they are to educate and inspire. We provide more free training than anyone in the profession.  

2. Subscribe to my updates. I currently publish new blog posts on a consistent basis along with our weekly “NO Fluff MLM Training Webinar.” I write on MLM leadership and real world truth regarding the challenges of building a duplicating MLM Team and how to overcome them. I cover personal development, productivity, team-building, lead generation and more. I stay in a state of personal education. By subscribing, you’ll get my latest thinking delivered straight to your inbox. Learn more…

3. Invest in one of my products. You can find them all in my store. They represent my best thinking on various topics including online and offline lead generation, team building, goal-setting and more. Some of my products are only available on Amazon simply because I use Amazon as a customer generation channel. I have several other products, programs, and seminars in development.

4. Book me to do a Training Webinar for your Team. I schedule time to do 1-2 custom client webinars for top MLM leaders who are members of the MLM Training Club. Members with large organizations who understand sometimes hearing information from a different voice is all that is needed for the realities of the business to click in team members’ minds. Contact our office for more details…

5. Join The MLM Training Club. This is my members only site designed to give you the inspiration, training and a sequential step-by-step training system to take your business and team building skills to the next level. Learn more…

6. Book me as a speaker. I have been speaking publicly for more than 30 years. I have been a keynote speaker for hundreds of events.  I am honored to have been booked to speak for various corporate conferences, trade associations, schools and churches. I have had the opportunity to speak to audiences of over 1 million people over the last 30+ years. However, I have recently cut back on the number of invitations I accept in order to make room for other business and family priorities. If you have an event you would like me to consider, please visit my speaking page then call our office at 502-868-6199.

7. Join my Inner Circle. Every week we are asked about our mastermind group it is only open to 20 leaders.  It is designed for six figure earners and full time leaders.  It is currently closed because of the personal attention these people receive and my current time restraints.  If you feel you qualify, and would like to be notified if and when we re-open it, you can learn more here Network Marketing Leadership Develop Academy.   The current membership fee is $5,000 annually. For me it is all about time. 

8. Hire me as a personal coach. I love one-on-one coaching but I have limited time available for it. Therefore, I am very selective and I also charge crazy-high fees. But if you think you could benefit from one-on-one interaction with me, contact our office at 502-868-6199.  I book a small number of clients each month.  We will spend 3 hours working on what every area of your business you want to take to the next level.  Training Systems for your team, lead generation, customized retail to recruit systems, or wherever you need to systematize

If you have something else in mind, other than what I have outlined, feel free to email or call our office at 5 0 2 -868-6199 and someone on my team will be happy to talk about what you have in mind.

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