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I was shocked and disappointed today when I got this news.  I don’t know the details, only what I have read, which is below.  I do know Paul OPaul Orberson the owner and he is one of the “good guys” in the industry.  I can’t tell you much about the compensation plan other than like many other companies, it uses a coded bonus program.  What really bothers me about this situation is the company has been operating in Kentucky since 2000 if I remember correctly.  That’s over 12 years!  Like all network marketing companies the purchase of products or services is VOLUNTARY!

We seem to becoming a society where no one is allowed to fail and if they do, it is somebody or some companies fault.

I don’t like government workers treating… Continue reading »


I have always believed the # 1 benefit of being involved in network marketing is the personal growth you experience and the #2 benefit is the friendships you develop.


I am so thankful to have been able to get involved in the industry at age 20 and discover awesome mentors like Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Art Williams, Jim Burke and the list goes on and on.


The industry exposed me to books like “The Magic of Thinking Big”, “Think and Grow Rich” and hundreds more.


Thankfully I was young enough to take the message of those books and audio program to heart and at face value.  Truth is Truth.


I am even more thankful that I was able to help my 3 daughters understand and apply what I call “The Wisdom of the… Continue reading »

I did a webinar for our top marketing friends, clients, and customers Thursday night.  I promoted a new workshop I am doing that will eventually be available at  the website is not up yet, but you can see a replay of the webinar there.

This morning I did a Bonus webinar where I shared a new list building technique that those of the webinar will earn thousands of dollars with in 2013.  If you missed it, you missed.

However, after Thursday nights webinars I received two email messages from friends of mine giving me grief because "You don't sell hard enough" on your webinars.  I will be the first to admit, that this is a major weakness, based upon my stubborness and somewhat warp philosophy.

As I explained to them, their were no newbies on that webinar, it was… Continue reading »

My new book "The 7 Lies of Attraction Marketing"  was released tonight, 
Sunday January 6th on Smashwords Publishing




I just wanted to let everyone know that my new book
"The 7 Lies of Attraction Marketing" was released
tonight by Smash Words Publishing.
Here is the link:
At some point in the near future I will make the PDF 
available online, but that is probably a couple of
weeks away based upon the other projects we already
have on the table.
With smashwords you can download the book to Kindle,
get a PDF, on your Nook edition through smashwords.
Anyway, just wanted to let you guys know it is 
Have a great week!


The beginning of every year I recommend that people take the month of January and every time you receive an email from someone you don’t know, or who is offering you no real value to scroll to the bottom of the page and click the UNSUBSCRIBE Button. I have been doing this daily since the first and will continue to the end of the month.  Like many of you I receive over 1,000 new emails every day.  Thankfully I have staff that handles the customer service aspect, but from time to time I miss some important emails so call our office whenever you have a question at 502-868-6199,


As far as unsubscribing, Yes, that includes emails from me.   If I am not providing value and insight for you in your business, then there is no reason for… Continue reading »



I have been using Screen Swarm for over 4 years.  It is probably the easiest simplest  way we acquire website visitors to some of our niche websites.  You just set it once and forget it.
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