I did a webinar for our top marketing friends, clients, and customers Thursday night.  I promoted a new workshop I am doing that will eventually be available at www.MLMListBuildingWorkshop.com  the website is not up yet, but you can see a replay of the webinar there.

This morning I did a Bonus webinar where I shared a new list building technique that those of the webinar will earn thousands of dollars with in 2013.  If you missed it, you missed.

However, after Thursday nights webinars I received two email messages from friends of mine giving me grief because "You don't sell hard enough" on your webinars.  I will be the first to admit, that this is a major weakness, based upon my stubborness and somewhat warp philosophy.

As I explained to them, their were no newbies on that webinar, it was only for people that know me and have purchased a training program from me over the last 12 months. They understand me and my "No Fluff" training style.

I attend on average 3 webinars a week, not conduct …. ATTEND.

I hate the fluff, I just want the facts.  I don't like presenters asking me stupid questions and asking me to type in the answer. I don't like the continuous trial closes.  See that is just me.   Quite frankly I don't think most people even look behind the curtain to see what is going on.  IT IS JUST ME, my personal feelings.

I believe that how well your webinar went is based upon one thing, and it is not how many nice emails you receive afterwards.  The bottom line is how many people bought?

My wife is constantly amazed at how I can come within a few hundred dollars of what my sales will be before I ever do a webinar.  All marketing is math, and I know the numbers.  I know how many will attend based upon the number of people that register, I know how many will buy based upon the number of people that are on.  The numbers are the numbers.

Yes, I am sure if I developed a better presentation my numbers would increase slightly, but the truth is, if they don't see value, I would rather them not buy.  If I do my job right they will eventually here how valuable the content is from others and over time they will become buyers, and if they don't so be it.  My webinar attendees are custom to hear the no fluff facts as I see it, and if I suddenly jumped into a major sales mode, they would notice.

So when people tell me I need to sell harder on my webinars, or don't need to be so laid back, I accept that.  I should get better, I should master the formula and who know mayber some day I will.  At this point I would rather just have the freedom to say what I need to say, focus 100% on providing value, and not worry about who I may be offending who may not buy.

Thursday night I totally threw the Attraction Marketing for MLM under the bus and then backed over it a few times.  I knew I would loose people, but less than 1% of the attendees got off the webinar at that point.  I can live with that.  The truth is, they need to read my new book more than anyone, but truth is they are one of many who have drank the attraction marketing KoolAide.

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So why do all webinars sound the same?

Because marketing professionals, those much smarter than I am are following basically the same script.  Look if you are just starting out and want to learn the proven formula for webinar success and sales, then becoming educated on this topic makes perfect sense.

You can find more out about the formula here





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