The beginning of every year I recommend that people take the month of January and every time you receive an email from someone you don’t know, or who is offering you no real value to scroll to the bottom of the page and click the UNSUBSCRIBE Button. I have been doing this daily since the first and will continue to the end of the month.  Like many of you I receive over 1,000 new emails every day.  Thankfully I have staff that handles the customer service aspect, but from time to time I miss some important emails so call our office whenever you have a question at 502-868-6199,


As far as unsubscribing, Yes, that includes emails from me.   If I am not providing value and insight for you in your business, then there is no reason for you to subscribe to our email newsletter or any of our list! 


The 2nd thing I want to share with you is if you are involved in any kind of marketing, or business opportunities BUILD LISTS.  How many thousands of times have you heard that?   That is because it is so true.  I have been teaching marketers to build lists, way before the internet.


In the beginning of my career we built direct mail list, and I still do that today.   Lists of potential prospects for your opportunity, product, or services is like having money in the bank.  Every internet marketer on the planet preaches, “the money is in the list”.  Quite frankly I believe the money is in the Relationship you have with you list” and that all comes down to only sharing quality products and services with those on your list.  


Some marketers teach you should email your list daily, and many do.   I have no doubt that is the way to make the most money from your list, but I don’t even email my list once a week, maybe once a month and I have to do much better at that in 2013. The purpose of having a mailing list is to build relationships and help people, not just to make money.   Yes I have some list is off the wall niche markets that I email daily, but those are few and far between and not my real focus.


For me, I only email my marketing lists about a product or service that I have personally used, to save me time, or make me money.  Yes, I buy multiple training products every week, but unfortunately there is only a small number that I can recommend 100%.


Those that have been on my email list for a few months recognize that, so when I send out information on a product, software, or training program that I sincerely believe they can benefit from, they respond to that.


So the money is not in the list as much as it is in the relationship you develop with your list.  This philosophy has enabled me to be on multiple leader boards for sales in 2012 when new products have been launched.   I only promote products I have personally used, and I know can help our readers.


What happens when you only promote products, services, and opportunities that you personally use and believe in?   Over time your email list will realize that and if you recommend software that can save them time, and information that can make a positive impact on their business, they discover that on their own.  I love getting what I call “Thank You for sharing that with me” emails.


Below is  one of the awesome products we recommended in 2012.  If you are reading this now, and have a marketing presence on Pinterest (which you should)  this software is awesome, and will make you money. 


As you can see below, when this product was launched, we ended up number 4 on the leader board for the most sells of this software.   Not necessarily because we have a huge list, but because we have a responsive list that know if we promote a product we believe in it and are using it our self.  There were a lot of very well know internet marketers in the Top 20 leader board, so making these boards is always kinda cool, plus in this case I earned an additional $50 cash Prize.







  Watch Video












So in 2013 I recommend that you unsubscribe from all this list that you receive no value from and number two build list.   If you have not started building your lists yet, here is a resource that can help you get started.





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