This is a long, painful story.  I am going to share with you the short version, in hopes that you don’t make the same mistake I made.


If you have been around Internet Marketing at all, you have heard this hundreds of times. If you are a regular reader of myNO FLUFF MARKETING Ezine, you have heard me encourage network marketers many times over the past couple of years to BUILD A DATABASE (Your List)

MLMHELP.COM  was started back in 1996.  At that time, I did everything wrong, but I still made over $100,000 the first year the site went online.  Over $20,000.00 of that came from a promotion I did for Cory Rudl’s Internet Marketing Course,

The only thing I did correct was start my ezine.  I had thousands of people subscribe during the first year.  I SENT OUT 1 EMAIL PROMOTION THE ENTIRE YEAR, FOR CORY’S COURSE, AND NEVER SENT ANOTHER ONE UNTIL A COUPLE OF YEARS LATER. (Can you say ignorant)

Over a four year period of time I developed an email list of over 80,000 subscribers.  To make a long story short as I promised, my idiot partner at the time,  deleted my entire database while I was speaking on the MLM Cruise in 2000.

Internet marketing experts say that the average subscriber list is worth $1.00 per month in income.  Yes, that’s $80,000.00 a month..down the drain!  So what did I do?  What could I do?

I started over with a new email delivery service called Zebra Email.  Why Zebra? because an employee of mine owned this company and I wanted to support her.  A couple of years later she left my company, and ended up selling her email service.  One day, I go to login to my account, and the entire site is gone!  That’s right, the entire site was gone, OUT OF BUSINESS.

No warning, no information, and my data base, this time numbering nearly 40,000 WAS GONE!

They say a wise person learns from their own mistakes, but a really wise person learns from the mistakes of others!  So what did I do?  I made the decision, that this was never going to happen to me again!

I started over, but this time I choose the most popular service I knew about, the service that is used by most of the Top Internet Marketers,

This service gave me a reliable email delivery system, that can expand as my business expands.  They also offer me premium add on services, such as ebook delivery, shopping cart service, affiliate program, and add tracking.  Prior to this, I was paying for these 4 services with other companies individually, and I find it much more convenient to have all these services now under one roof!

PLEASE HERE ME, Don’t make the same mistake I made!  Learn from my mistakes!  I simply cannot recommend highly enough.  Right now they are offering a 30-Day Trial for only $3.95

NETWORK MARKETERS BEWARE!  If you are using a back office email delivery system provided by your company, you can lose your data base at any time.I have heard so many horror stories from coaching clients who changed companies and LOSE THEIR DATA, or companies go out of business and they LOSE THEIR DATA. BE SMART, Own and control your data by using a service such as www.ShoppingCart.TipForSuccess.comIF YOU ARE NOT DEVELOPING A DATABASE AND EMAIL LIST….PLEASE WAKE UP!  IT IS THE BIGGEST ASSET IN YOUR BUISNESS.

I heard my mentor Jim Burke say one time, you can take away my cars, home, and all my toys, but if you leave me MY TEAM (Downline) I will have it all back within 3 years.  In today’s marketing world, the same can and should be said about your database!

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