First came direct sales…

Second came, Network Marketing

Third, cashflow from Ebay…

Fourth came —  Publishing Kindle Books

Fifth came Amazon FBA…

Sixth came Income Generating Websites with Amazon Affiliate Programs

Seventh came Shopify Ecommerce Stores

8th came came Shopify + Drop shipping…

At Calvert Marketing Group we have been involved in all of those business niches over the years, and many more.  Truth be told, we still have our hands in most of them at some level, but our number one goal this year is to liquidate and sell as many of our ecommerce platforms and income producing websites as possible.

We need to clear our plates from some of the great businesses we are involved with so we have time for the Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that we have found for 2022.

And now, the next wave in internet marketing… is HERE!  However. it requires much more personal education and focus and has already been littered up with multiple scams that are sometimes hard to recognize.

Like the traditional financial world that allows anyone to become self-educated and develop expertise trading stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETF’s. Forex, commodities, and on and on.

The new financial world is cryptocurrency, it will ultimately replace the financial world we have all grown up in.  I have never been surer about anything in my life.  That is why I have launched a new website here  the main purpose of this website is to dump my brain as I am learning.

This new financial world offers much more than just buying Bitcoin and holding it.  There are all types of investment vehicles within this world that 98% of the population don’t even know exist at the moment.  Even if they did, unfortunately many don’t have the disposable income to invest in these opportunities, but they do exist.  

Unless you have been living under a rock you have probably heard the buss about NFT’s  (Non-Fungible Tokens)  In my opinion 99% will fail and I share why I believe that in this article.


Metaverse coins, Launch Pads, mining opportunities, DA0;s, Staking, Initial Coin Offerings, and the list of opportunities within the cryptocurrency space, right now, goes on and on.

Over the past 45 days I have spent well over 150 hours reading countless numbers of books, listening to podcast, watching videos and reading articles, just trying to get a broad understanding of the various financial options within this new financial ecosystem.

People think technology is moving quickly and it is, but nothing like the New Financial World  that is rushing toward us daily.   Traditional financial vehicles are dead and dying. Wallstreet, banks, and governments have done everything they can to stop it, but it can’t be stopped.  Why would anyone put money in a certificate of deposit paying 1% interest a year when there are investment vehicles in the crypto space that I feel are no riskier than having your money in a bank, that can pay you 20% or higher returns annually?

What good is having money safe in bank, if inflation is making or money in the bank worth less daily?

Entrepreneurs like myself must wrap our minds around the fact this is not just the best business niche for this time and place in history. This is the future.  We are talking about a completely new financial world.

* This is like going from Horse and Buggy to the Model T

* From working on the farm to the Industrial Revolution

* From 3 TV Stations on a Black & White TV to dozens of Channel Streaming in your home on demand.

Do you understand what is happening?

Many think they have totally missed it, but the truth is, it is just starting.  Currently only 2% of the American population hold any type of cryptocurrency assets in their investment portfolios according to Money Magazine. Yes Bitcoin hit its all time high to date in April of 2022 ($63,729)
but many people alot smarter than I am project that in the near future the price of bitcoin could be as high as 1 Million Dollars per coin. Back in the day I lost 10 bitcoin when Mt. Gox was hacked.

Then I set back and watched it grow to $1000 per coin, $5,000, $10,000, I finally bit the bullet and got back in and bought at $11,000, shortly after that it tanked, but I rode it out and today am glad I did. Is it time for you to bite the bullet? Do you want to look back one day in future when Bitcoin is at a million dollars and say to yourself I could have gotten in at around $47K, the price of bitcoin at the time of this writing.

I had a conversation with a friend and business associate this morning.  He said “I am 10 years late, but the game is just starting”

So if you have not tapped into this new financial world yet how do you personally benefit in 2020?   There are two ways.

#1  Visit right now and download the new report I just released. THE BEGINNERS GUIDE TO MAKING PROFITS WITH CRYPTOCURRENCIESThis will get you on our mailing list and keep you in the loop.  Why you are there, check out some of the articles on the website and try not to get overwhelmed.

#2 How do you create extra cashflow to invest in some of these new financial opportunities like StrongBlock for instance that I just invested in on Christmas Eve after over a dozen hours of research on this project alone.  (Article here: STRONGBLOCK NODES )  I don’t make a penny by sharing this with you.

Ok back to the question.  How do you create extra cashflow in 2022 to take advantage of some of these investment opportunities?

I know the answer.  There is a unique, never before seen business opportunity available right now in the cryptocurrency mining space.

This new business model is much faster and easier to succeed with than ALL of the above strategies previously mentioned.  If you qualify, I will personally mentor you step-by-step through this process.   I truly believe that I will be able to help a minimum of 100 people start from scratch and build a $50,000 plus side-gig income in 2022.

So if anything, I have said makes sense for you, and if the thought of creating a $50,000+ passive income side-gig in 2022 appeals to you.  I share the details in the video you can find here.

It’s less time consuming, easy to launch, Is in the crypto niche so the market is very curious, has a much higher success rate than any business niche I have ever seen, there is virtually zero competition… and it’s MANY times more profitable, too!

As I have already said, my goal is to help a minimum of 100 people start from scratch and create a $50,000+ passive side-gig income in 2022.  Why not you?

This revolutionary strategy is something that you need to be aware exist for you and you can see it in the video above.

The bottom line for me, if what I have shared seems confusing and overwhelming, you are not alone.  98% of the population feels the same way.  However, the facts are undeniable. The confusion is exactly why such a huge upside potential exist for those that can allow themselves to focus, be mentored and devote a minimum of 5 hours a week to their financial future.

Regardless, Dawn, myself and the entire staff at Calvert Marketing Group wish you and yours a phenomenal 2022.

Be Blessed

Dale Calvert

PS If you liked the video above, this one will reveal why a $100,000+
income for those that get serious in 2022 is realistically available, no
matter what your background, experience, or skill level is when you start.

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