Ok, here is my dilemma,  back in 1997 I produced my first ever
generic (funded proposal) training called “Confessions of
a Network Marketing Millionaire”
.   We sold over 50,000
units of this program our first year.




Today it doesn’t seem like a week goes by that someone
doesn’t mention that program and the positive impact it
has had on their business and their network marketing career.


Many six figure earner’s tell me that it gave them a different
perspective on what the term duplicatable systems really means.


Anyway little did I know at the time that was the beginning
of a speaking, consulting, training, and seminar business that
would literally give me the opportunity to travel the world.


Fast Forward now 15 years later.  Confessions of a
Network Marketing Millionaire was converted from
VHS & Cassette to DVD and CD several years ago.  It  
has become one of the top selling network marketing
training programs of all time.  

It is still a great seller for us on DVD and CD because success
principals and concepts never change,
  new methods just
evolve.  I believe that anyone who has purchased this course
will tell you it is one of the best investments they have ever
made in their network marketing career.


As most of you know, I live in Atlanta and our office is located  
in my home state of Kentucky.   I have been in Kentucky since  
Wednesday.  We are in the process of making some major
changes to our training business model and I we are trying to
get our 7,000 square foot office facility and warehouse
in order. 


We have been cleaning a pitching stuff in dumpsters all week.  
Today I found a case (24 sets) of my original “Confessions of
a Network Marketing Millionaire” program on VHS & Cassette.


I simply cannot bring myself to pitch these in the dumpster! 

Maybe I am just too sentimental, but the truth is,
it is the exact same training we have on DVD. 

So I would rather send these sets to you FREE than to
pitch them.   We just did the calculations
and it looks like we can send these 3 pound sets anywhere in
the United States Priority mail for $12.28.  

So if you would like a set, all I ask is that you cover the
$12.28 P&H  fee.  We will send you a free set while they
last, if they are gone we will immediately refund your
P&H free.

You have to place your order  by clicking the link below….
NOW because on Wednesday the 27
the dumpster is
being picked up, and if we have any left they are going
in the dumpster.


This FREE offer ends at noon on Wednesday June 27th.

CLICK HERE IF YOU WOULD LIKE A SET OF "Confessions of a Network Marketing Millionaire"


This offer has ended.  Thanks so much for
your support.  All of the sets are gone, you
should receive yours soon, you guys are
the best!



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