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I just receive this email and thought, wow, this is really good, so I am sharing it with you.

95% of the negative emails I receive are from spineless people telling me:

* How ignorant I am to think the Trump Network will fizzle

*  I should quit throwing attraction marketers under the bus because they made
$36.00 last week selling leads or so random affiliate program

*  And my favorite is to quit talking bad about Jane Doe, when I don’t know Jane Doe never met Jane
Doe or ever mentioned Jane Doe anytime, anywhere.

(When you call out the ignorant, the guilty always make themselves known)

Anyway, since this one has something nice to say about me I thought I would let
you read as well ……………..BIG GRIN

Hi Dale,

I found this online today and had to share it with you.  All I could think of
is this lady sounds like somebody that has been Calverted, LOL.  I hope
you enjoy it.

Beware of the Wolves in Sheep Clothing

If you care to open your eyes and look… some of the people who were teaching you that “old school prospecting methods” in this industry were not cool to promote are now promoting those exact methods, “all of a sudden”.



Gaining favor.

So they can be admitted into the society and band together with the Syndicate MLM Training Gurus to fleece more people… like you.  As I heard one of them say “We have to get more baby boomers in the room, they have the money to join our lead pro system and will probably forget the monthly charge is on their credit card”



It is what marketing has become and it makes some of us sick.  Do anything, say anything, promise, anything just to get them into your attraction marketing membership program.

Friends, when are you going to decide  to leave the “Land of Oz” and get out of “Wonderland”??

Isn’t it time you quit playing around trying to be somebody you arent and learn the  real art and science of building a real business and and a real team of people?  There is no magic code, there is no magic easy button there is no be all and end all EVENT to attend were you can meet all the other dreamers who don’t have a clue how to initiate action towards their dreams.

We’re working every single day on helping people gain this understanding of building a business. And NO… it’s not freeeee. Cheap doesn’t validate a darn thing. These are the ONLY questions you need to ask yourself:

1. Why am I doing this?

2. How do I professionally share this with people I
love and care about in a 100% non threatning way?

3. How do I create leads in my local market and build
a strong local team?

4. How do I use the internet to expand my business
across the country and the world?

5. What is my gameplan for getting new people started

6. How do I program my mind for success and increase
my self confidence and leadership abilities?

That’s it and that’s all and it’s what we teach. If that’s not sexy enough and you need the drama of spending on hotels, flights, meals and guru coaching… then get ready for the gurus to NOT ONLY get you to fly cross country, but “sell to you from the room” and rake in big coaching fees and fleece the flock!

It’s AMBUSH selling time??

Too dramatic?

That’s fair, and yes I realize the stupid decisons we make to spend money to get coaching from someone calling themselves a MLM expert but has never built a significant organization is ridiculous.  It is our money we can spend how we choose and most gurus are happy to take it even when they know they will not be able to help us.

I am so thankful that I called a guru for consulting 4 years ago and was ready to pay his $500 an hour, and he told me after our initial consultation, Dee you don’t need coaching you need a course, which lead me to his Programming Your Mind for Success program.  He could have taken my $500 a hour, but his real focus was on helping me, not fleeceing my check book!

I am just warning you, I have been on the other end, you better keep your eyes, ears and MIND open. Because if you don’t, you’ll be hypnotized and led into an ambush only to be fleeced again. Some people can’t see what they’ve not been trained to see. It’s what we teach… real business building for the 27%, no gurus required.

Please remember, you’ve been warned. The gloves are truly off right now. Everyone’s sold out to the philosophy of FLEECE THE NEWBIE CROWD and have them give us a monthly fee to learn Attraction Marketing crap and be in our community where we will stroke their ego and tell them to put Attraction Marketing Videos on You Tube so they can make us more sales.

Learn the process. BE the influence, or be influenced and fleeced. There’s no time to dilly dally around. Will you spend another year doing more of what you did last year, only to get the same results??

It’s decision time!

Fleece, be fleeced or be the influence with total transparency and authenticity. Learn and then “teach”… real business building methods, principals, and concepts from pros that have been doing it longer than most of you were born.

Study people like Jim Rohn, Dale Calvert, Mark Yarnell, Dexter Yeager, and others who have not only created wealth but have helped many other people truly learn and duplicated the hidden secret in books like Think and Grow Rich, The Magic of Thinking Big, etc. When somebody starts teaching you to be act like something your not and become the hunted instead of the hunter….  R U N  !!!!





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