I just flew in from Orlando and trying to get through my email.


Below is an email I got from one of our customers regarding Newspaper Ad Sponsoring. These are common questions, so I wanted to share the answers with everyone.


Have a great week!





Hello Dale,

Thanks for the additional information!

As you suggested I have set up a call box and am
talking to some newspapers in the target area.

I do have a couple of questions;

1. Should the call back number to the call box be
local or toll free. I am using Vonage and I can get
nearly any number I want for about $15/mo.

You can set up a free voice mail box through
Google voice.  Just do a search for Google Voice.


2. Newspaper circulation, the larger the better?
Are 2 or 3 smaller papers better than 1 large one??

In general yes, the larger the better, but sometimes
multiple smaller circulation papers work better, just
TEST in your area, the numbers wont lie


3. I really like your “Magic Ad” idea. What section of
the classifieds should it be in?

run this in rags like the Thrifty 5

Thanks for your help!!

D .Lynch

I appreciate your support, have a great week



This was my original message to Mr. Lynch

Dale Calvert wrote:

Hi Donald,

I hope things are going well for you.

I appreciate your support and want to thank you for
investing in our “How to Recruit MLM Distributors
with Newspaper Ads”

I hope the information will help you as much as
it has others.

If you haven’t sent us your picture and testimony yet,
please send it to Dale@MLMHelp.com

Remember to set up your ad box as we discussed
in the course audio.




Enjoy it!

Dedicated to Your Success,


Additional Note:

If Newspaper Recruiting is not PART of your recruiting
process…..you’re missing and excellent way to create a
constant flow of New LOCAL prospects!

My original course was updated recently and we added
a section on how to prospect and find distributors advertising
on free online classified ad websites.



UPDATE 3/4/2020

You are probably thinking, are people still running newspaper ads to acquire network marketing customers and distributors?

The answer is yes. I will be the first to say that newspapers in generally are phasing out around the country. However in some areas of the United States pick up papers like The Thrifty Nickel and Coffee House News are alive and kicking? What about in your town?

The great thing about these type of pick up, local classified ad publications, is running adds are very inexpensive. One good team member could cover
your advertising cost for a year. Since we originally published our Newspaper Sponsoring Course the number of Local Online classified websites have increased 30 times. Everything we teach can be applied to online classified ads as well.

As a matter of fact the entire course is not online and you can access it within the next 10 minutes. If you want to learn more, just click this banner below. It will give you the step-by-step process for setting up your Newspaper Sponsoring funnel.

Here is a FREE Webinar Training, that you can also benefit from:

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