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After 35+ years in this industry I can that I sincerely believe that the Memory Jogger is the most valuable, yet most misunderstood tool in the history of network marketing.

In this article and the free download and training resources we provide, I want to do my best to clear up the misinformation about the tool, and how to use your list to maximize the growth of your organization.

Most all top end network marketing programs have some kind of Memory Jogger List training for their team members.  Rodan and Fields, Melaleuca, Usana, Forever Living Products,  Uforia Sciece, Shaklee Corporation, just to name a few.






If anyone tells you to not use a memory jogger list, or to “throw away
your warm market list” I can promise you one thing.  They are telling
newbies what they want to hear, so they can sell them what they want
to sell them!”  In attempt to combat this non-scence, I am going to
provide to you a training, that has previously only available to my high
level Network Marketing Leadership Development Academy members
until today.


As I have said for years, just because someone else blew it with their
memory jogger list, does not mean you must blow it with yours!


Daily I hear smart people who have leadership titles in network marketing
companies around the world say illogical statement like.

“I am in the NFL Club”
N o
F r i e n d s
L e f t
(In case you are wondering what NFL stands for)


I am here to tell you, that if you are straining relationships with people
on your list, it is simply because you have been taught wrong, or possibly
never taught at all how to professioally and properly use your list.  Well
that ends today, right now!

When I hear the acroymn NFL , I immediately understand that they were
never taught how to professionally use a memory jogger, or they simply
didn’t listen.

Most people who have been in the network marketing profession for awhile,
have heard about a Memory Jogger but I sincerely believe that 99% of
the people teaching how to use it don’t really understand it’s purpose.

It is not a list of people that you can pitch about your product, service
or opportunity.  In fact those that are members of our MLM Training Club
will tell you that pitching people on your Memory Jogger is an after thought.

Please, read that again.  It is an after thought.


If we really think about it. 

The odds of the people on your list, being the person you are looking for is low, but the ODDS OF THEM KNOWING the person you are looking for is extremely high!Click To Tweet


Think about this.  Let’s say you market a weight loss product.  Maybe your
Aunt Martha weighs 98 pounds soaking wet, and has never been on a diet
in her life.   However she probably knows someone right now that is getting
ready to start on Jenny Craig for the 4th time in 8 years.  She may work
with that person, she may be a neighbor, she may go to church with them,
or be a member of her bridge club.


Here is the unconditional truth we teach in our memory jogger launch
training that nobody else talks about.  “The odds of the person you know
being the person you are looking for is extremely low, the odds of them
knowing the right person, is extremely high”


So in our Complete Memory Jogger Training we will teach you how to stack
the odds of success in your favor, and 
let Aunt Martha gladly share with you
the perfect prospect that she knows.


Wrap you mind around this thought there are 20, 50, 100 people you know
that the timing in their life for your products, service, or opportunity is not right.


Instead of trying to fight that, our memory jogger system will teach you
step-by-step, word for word, how to respect that, and discover the 20, 50,
or 100 perfect prospects that they know.


Yes, 80% of what we teach, everyone else teaches, but our experience has shown
that is the last 20% and the proper mentality that makes the most positive impact
on your business quickest.


In this publication you will get complete access to the Memory Jogger 
Training we use today for all team members, one-on-one clients, MLM Training Club
Members, and 27% Success Club members.


You will receive access to over 15 hours of additional training free.


I truly believe if the entire profession would focus on helping new members get their
business launched quickly and professionally it would catapult the profession to the
top of the entrepreneurial revolution that is happening in the world today.


Why am I providing this FREE?  Honestly, if I charged what it is worth, very few would
be able to afford it.  Most people who go through this training start to
understand that when I say “No Fluff” network marketing training, I mean


I feel this is an area that can impact the entire profession the most.  So
I want to get this in the market for anyone and everyone.  I believe there
is nothing more important than attracting new people to this profession and
then doing our best to help each of them get their business launched quickly,
effectively, and profitably.



It is time for the profession to stop re-treading distributors, and help people get their
businesses launched successfully and move forward.





You can download the Memory Jogger PDF here I don’t even ask you to opt in because
I know if you are serious about your network marketing journey and building a real team,
with real customers, and real leaders, you will be back.

As always your feedback and comments are appreciated.




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