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If you have been involved in the network marketing business model for TWO YEARS or more and you are having trouble maintaining an existing flow of leads for your opportunity and product or service STOP!

Something is wrong!

Don’t miss a word of this article.

Yes, I have taught leaders around the world how to become MASTERS at Network Marketing Lead Generation and some have referred to me as the BLACK BELT MASTER 🙂  Obviously, I don’t take myself too serious, but there is nobody in the market that cares more about the success of your network marketing team, than I Do!


Daily I realize how off track the network marketing business model has really become.   I have witnessed the fragmentation and watched the speculative shift  over the past  15 years.   It is sad to me, at this point in the history of this profession we should be leading the Entrepreneurial  Revolution that is happening around the world, but  we all understand how the business model  is perceived in the real world.    The only conclusion I can come to is because it so powerful it is still alive.  It may be on life support but it is alive!

Don’t end up 3.5.10. 15 years down the road and become part of majority of distributors that the industry has produced  over the past couple of decades.   We all know, the profession is flooded with people with 15-20 years experience who couldn’t develop 10 leads for their business this week if THEIR LIFE DEPENDED ON IT.   How sad is that?   Let’s just call it what it is.  Most people who have been around for 15 years have ONE BAD YEAR ……REPEATED 15 times.   Don’t let that happen to you!

Lead generation is the easiest part of this business model to master. 

Seriously, because it is the one skill set you can MASTER without getting your team involved.   Does that make sense?   You aren’t going to move forward in your companies compensation plan without a team, correct? 

You are not going to build a team, if you don’t have leads, people to talk to, correct?

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There are two main reasons as I see it.

#1  The number one reason I believe solid network marketing lead generation  training  is such a lost art is the focus over the past 15 years has been on Recruiting  Each Other instead of penetrating the market outside the tiny network marketing niche and building real businesses with real customers and real teams of duplicating future leaders.

#2  Gurus love to sell you what the masses perceive to be simple easy and fun.   Let’s face it, people love attempting  to take short cuts and escape the grind.  The thought of being a YouTube star, or having  a blog at is just too much of an ego boost to resist.   Ethical business minded people understand that  the majority  of the population does not have the ability to play big shot and fake it till they make it.

So when gurus pitch ridiculous, self serving , dishonest “modern marketing” ideas THE RIGHT PEOPLE, don’t feel comfortable with these type of fake it till you make it, or spam your social media tactics, so they eventually throw in the towel.   I talk to these people daily.   Thankfully many of them  find us before they give up on the greatest opportunity in the history of the world to help average  people with above average desire create generational  wealth.

Yes,  we have those that are perceived to be guru experts  in the market actually telling unsuspecting newbies  “I will show you how to make hundreds, even thousands a week coaching other network marketing distributors, even if you have never gotten your first customer or recruited your first rep”

We all understand how moronic that statement and thousands of others are, but many newbies  do not understand how the masses in the profession have had their ego’s manipulated over the past fifteen years or so.

Many of you know who these  tell them what they want to hear so you can sell them what you want to sell them gurus  are.  My question is why would any credible, honest, person ever waste one minute of their valuable time listening to anything that ever comes out this person’s mouth, the rest of their life?

My belief, the right people don’t!  The recognize Fu Fu dust sales people quickly.

So I have said all that to share this with you.   I have been accused of a lot of things over my career, but telling you what you want to hear, so I can sell you what I want to sell you is NOT ONE OF THEM.

My wife and I along with a small staff of nine people operate Calvert Marketing Group.   We have multiple income streams from four different businesses and  we don’t need to sell you training programs and seminar seats to make a comfortable living.  If you are reading this article then there is a good chance you already know my track record and background, but if not here is the bottom line as it relates to network marketing lead generation.

The last seven or eight years of my career before retiring from building teams at age 39 after making millions of dollars BUILDING TEAMS (Not selling training)  we were generating so many leads on a daily basis that I had to hire an assistant just to distribute those leads to the top leaders on our team.

In my opinion after a couple of years of sequential lead Mastery, everyone in the profession should be in a situation where they have more leads coming in than they can possibly keep up with.  Think this is hype?  Pie in the sky fluff?   I don’t blame you, so I hope you allow me to prove it to you.

In my upcoming 1 hour webinar I will share with you more about Network Marketing Lead generation than you will learn over the next 10 years on your own, or wasting time with self-proclaimed gurus whose ultimate goal is to back you into whatever program they are working this week!

Heck, listen to the first few minutes, and if you don’t receive a brain tweak or two just bow out and move on to whatever social media platform you are spamming, I man promoting, on these days.

Sound fair?

Obviously, I am trying to push away the wrong people, while make sure the right people don’t miss this upcoming webinar.  YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, do the right thing.  The odds are if you are still reading this, you are the right person who is building your team ethically on solid, proven, systems, and avoid all the time wasters and ego stroke systems that  have been propagated throughout the profession over the past few years.

If that is you, you know it!  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR THE WEBINAR RIGHT NOW , or we both lose!



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