Below is an email I sent to some of our top customers
and clients this week regarding 2 awesome programs.

I have some more comments I want to share with you
after you have read this:



Thanks for opening this email, you will
not be disappointed!

There are more good marketing ideas right
now than ever before. If you are like me
your email box is jammed daily with different
offers and ideas. Some junk, some good,
some great.

I almost missed a couple of great ideas lately
because I simply didn’t take the time to get
the whole story.

I don’t want you to make the same mistake with
these 2 ideas.

Here are a couple of awesome marketing ideas
that can create additional income streams for

#1 This is probably the Best Free content I
have ever seen online. It is a little advanced
but if you understand words like Aweber and CPA
you simply must see this video. If you don’t
then just skip this and go to #2.

Here is the Video Link:

#2 Is a simple way to make an additional income
stream GIVING AWAY a valuable piece of software
that will save people money. Let’s face it, if
you can’t give this away, you should forget making
money online. I am serious!

Here is the link:

I value your time, and I appreciate you opening my
emails when I send them to you.

Yes I am a marketer, Yes I want to make
money. However, I really do understand
that my success is in direct proportion
to the number of people I help.

I never want to take advantage of our relationship
& your trust in me and my recommendations. I know
that sometimes I send out emails
that are not applicable to everyone. That is
why I pre-qualify the best I can.

I don’t have just 1 Giant email list. My list are
segmented into over 100 sub-list.

If you are reading this there is a good chance that
you have an interest in online marketing, affiliate
marketing and creating additional streams of income.

I KNOW the above 2 programs can do that for you.

Have an awesome Wednesday.

To your Success,



It appears to me that the gap between
marketers in a rythm and marketers that
are confused and frustrated is growing.

Today I have listened in on 2 recorded webinars
and visted a website that all 3 had products I
invested in. Yes, I buy everything because I
believe strongly in the concept of “Personal Education”.

I believe that we should all try to develop a BASE
of Knowlege as it relates to marketing online and off.

If you do this with out understanding the “Pardox of
Knowlege” you will go crazy. The Paradox of Knowlege
simply put is the MORE WE LEARN the more we realize

Don’t let this truth stop you from learning all you
can learn.

There truly are more opportunities right now than ever
before, the sad thing is many people who call themselves
marketers don’t have the BASE KNOWLEDGE to recognize
opportunity when they see it.

There is more of a victim mentality right now than at
anytime because people have invested in products and
courses that haven’t instantly MADE THEM Successful.
Don’t fall into this trap, keep learning, growing and developing
your base of knowledge.

Here is a frightning example. I am shocked at the number of
people who have been online for several years and never
developed a list. THIS IS STEP 1 to online marketing success.

How can you miss STEP 1 ??

Before you ask, my primary list are with:

If I could do things over I would have started with them for
multiple reasons, but that is another topic for another time.

You have to do the basics if you ever expect to
create long term success online, and that ALWAYS
HAS BEEN AND ALWAYS WILL start with a building
a list!

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