The fact that at this point in history, every network marketing leader is not teaching everyone on their team to use drop cards everyday is kind of mind blowing for me.

For me there is no prospecting tool that makes more sense than drop cards.  I believe if you will take the time to read this entire article you will come to the same logical conclusion.

All of the full-time leaders we personally coach have their teams using drop cards effectively and many other local lead generation methods as we discuss in this free webinar training on how to become a network marketing lead generation black belt.  

Don’t watch the replay now, but make a mental note, if you are looking for ways to create leads for your business this training is mandatory.  Here is the link for later.  

Most members of our MLM TRAINING CLUB GROUP, who have been around awhile are using drop cards.  Here are some of the comments from our private members area.

















I know leaders that attempt to teach people how to chat up people and have uncomfortable conversations who will never feel comfortable drop cards.

They almost see it as a sign of weakness and are 100% missing the real value for the majority of people on their teams. I am a introvert, if someone told me I had to go out daily and try to chat people up, I would have never made it in this business.

I love drop cards because they require NO Additional time out of your day. You simply drop them around during your day-to-day activities.  Please re-read that sentence.  

Our time is the most valuable asset we have.

You go through the drive thru window, they hand you the bag of food and before you pull away you hand the young women or young man a $100 bill drop card and say “Can you please give this to your manager”.  Could you do that?  

Of course, and guess what their manager is under employed !

You go to the gas pump and leave a couple on the pump.

You walk in the dry cleaners and leave a couple on the counter.

You walk through a sporting event or anywhere there is a crowd and let a few bills drop along the path you are walking.

Two weeks ago I had a young couple that hiked the mountains and left $100 dollar drop card bills at every resting bench.  Last week they sponsored a young couple in Canada (their first distributor outside of the US) who was hiking the same trail.

Drop cards, are easy, simple to use. The $100 Bill cards are viral as explained in the recorded webinar below.   They are responsible for enrolling thousands of new distributors every month in virtually every company in the industry. 

It requires no skill or uncomfortable conversations to drop a card.  In short, they work for everybody, and everybody can do it, so tell me again why every “in the know” leader is not teaching their team to use drop cards?

My theory, because most leaders are 3%ers that thrive on creating conversations that 97% of the population would find uncomfortable, especially in the beginning of their business.  As I have said for years, it is not about you, it is about what can be duplicated.

Drop cards are a tool that you need to get yourself educated on, like right now!

Below are several free trainings including a webinar where we talk about this effective tool that all network marketing leaders should be using and promoting for their teams growth. 

As I have previously said, thousands of people every month are finding sponsors, enrolling in programs, and buying products because of the $100 bill drop cards.













In the webinar training below, I  will share with you why I believe Drop Cards are the ONE lead generation tool that should be used by every network marketer and the inside secrets to maximize your success with this lead generation method. 

Yes, many network marketing pros use drop cards to develop leads for their business, but very few are actually MAXIMIZING THEIR SUCCESS with this proven method.











I will give you a basic example and you can apply the numbers based upon your product or service.  At only Realistic $100 Bills are used, no $5.00 or $20.00 bills etc.  

They are only available in Quantities of 5,000 because like all marketing it is a numbers game.  By offering only $100 drop cards and only in quantities of 5,000 you get the best looking bill in the market at the best investment.  At the time of this writing the investment is $247 for 5,000 $100 Bill drop cards shipped anywhere in the world via Priority Mail.

So what is the average package in your company that people start with?  What is your commission or fast start bonus?  To make it simple let’s say you make $80 on the initial order in commissions or fast start bonuses.  Obviously for you that may be more, or it may be less, but you can adjust the numbers accordingly.

So the obvious question is how many members do you need to enroll from drop cards to break even on the FRONT END? In our example 4 people would earn you $320.00 FRONT END commissions – $247 investment and you would be $73 ahead on the FRONT END if your drop cards created 1 distributor for every 1,250 dropped.  

Please read that again.  1 distributor for every 1,250 bills dropped.  Some organizations report 10-20-30, I have heard as high as 88 new members enrolled for every 5,000 box of drop cards they invest in.  

The important factor here, is network marketing is not about 1 time fast start bonuses and commissions!  It is about building teams and long term residual income, so when you factor in what I call the “duplication factor” I find it very hard to believe that anyone who is marketing a legitimate opportunity can not simply crush it with the $100 bill drop cards as one of their local lead generation techniques! 

Please here what I am saying. Those of you that are members of our MLM Training Club know, we teach a specific launch system to get your business off the ground and launched. 

Then we believe you must develop 5 proven lead generation methods to create team members and customers in your local market.  I believe drop cards should be the first method you incorporate, but not the only one!  If you think you are going to build a huge team with drop cards, or any other individual method, you are mistaken.

If you would like to sample of effective drop card messages you can click here


There are dozens of ways to generate leads for your network marketing opportunity and products. There is no secret.  All lead generation methods work because all marketing is math.  It is about getting your message in front of the right person at the right time, in THEIR life.



As it relates to recruiting members for your network marketing team, you are simply looking for the RIGHT PERSON and the RIGHT TIME, in their life.  

One of the reason network marketing gets a bad rap is because distributors are never taught how to recruit properly.  

Many  distributors enter the market place thinking they have to convince people to enroll in their program or buy their product.

The truth is, “armature recruiters try to convince, professionals sort through people”.

The goal is to have more prospects for your products and opportunity coming into your funnel than you can keep up with.  

The reason many people recruit with an attitude of desperation is simply because they don’t have enough new prospects entering their funnel, does that make sense?

You goal really is not to sponsor people, your goal is to learn how to create enough leads on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.  

You can learn how to create a constant flow of leads, if you make that your goal!  You will find 3-5 people a month, whose window is open and are ready to make a change in their life with your opportunity.  

You cannot control the timing in someone’s life, however you CAN MASTER multiple proven lead generation methods that will allow your funnel to stay full of fresh prospects.


One of the secrets to network marketing success is focus on the things you can control.  Lead generation can be mastered by anyone, who decides.  

Don’t waste your time and energy trying to learn “closing techniques”.   Closing is for sales people, network marketing is not about sales, it is about developing teams of people.  To develop teams you must learn how to recruit.  To become a great recruiter you simply need to MASTER LEAD GENERATION.


This was my approach when I started in the industry from my second year on, I focused on mastering multiple lead generation techniques, one method at a time.  Over time I became competent at multiple lead generation methods.  I believe the method all network marketing distributors should be using from day one is drop cards.


There are many different types of drop cards.  Basically a drop card is a business card with a classified ad printed on it that you can drop in your local community.


I am convinced that most people who have attempted to use drop cards as a lead generation tool for their business, have never been properly taught how to use drop cards to maximize their odds for success.


I have written a report on drop cards that is available on Amazon.

Dropcards Amazon










Drop Cards Report on Amazon



There are 4 Reasons I think Drop Cards is the ONE lead generation Method that should be used by all Network Marketers from Day one

  1.  You can do them without adding any additional time to your daily routine.

  2.  They are inexpensive and provide a great ROI

  3. I believe in building strong local teams and drop cards help you identify the right entrepreneurial minded people in your community.

  4. After you learn how to handle the responses you receive from cards and maximize your return you can easily duplicate this method throughout your team.


If  you are reading this before 10/2/2015 I would like to invite you to an upcoming webinar, where I will break down every aspects of this lead generation method.  I will share the common mistakes being made by newbies and how to maximize your success with drop cards.





Hi Dale,
In the video you say that when you are going out to deliberately leave
drop cards, you go where the entrepreneurs etc are.  I have no idea of
where that is.  Can you give me some ideas please?Thanks,Sandy

Hi Sandy,


Thanks for your question.   The main point I was trying to communicate is a mistake I personally made when I got involved with network marketing
was I wanted to share the business opportunity with everyone I knew who  NEEDED it.

Regarding drop cards, if you have a product that appeals to the masses and that is what you are promoting, leave the drop cards EVERYWHERE.

Honestly that is the best advice I can give you and everyone who reads this,

LEAVE THEM EVERYWHERE!  I use to explain to my team, drop cards
do you no good in they are still in the box they were shipped to you in.

 With that said, if your cards promote your business opportunity,  they can pay off big by intentionally going to events where you know entrepreneurs are .  

Places like:


Infomercial Seminar Pitches
Trade Shows


Any place where you find people that are growing, learning, and trying to do better.

I had a distributor in the Chicago area that  once a  month or so placed their drop cards on the windshields of every night school within a 30 mile radius of her home.

She also had about 3 large flea markets within the same 30 mile radius.

Every other month or so she would go to the flea markets and drop her cards around and personally hand a bill to every vendor and not say word as
described in the video at the top of this post.

She made it to the  top of the compensation plan in 11 months simply doing this with drop cards and then helping all her new people to get their business started right after they joined!

I hope this answers your question Sandy.


PS  “Successful people are willing to do,FOR A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME, what most aren’t so they can do for the rest of their life, what most people CAN’T!”  

 You can find the best drop cards in the market at CMG Promotions.
As always you comments and feedback are welcome! 
The number one reason to teach your team to use drop cards is they require no additional time in your day!
You simply drop cards when you are picking up Chinese Food, Pumping Gas, Picking up Your Dry Cleaning etc.

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