Network Marketing is one of the only business models, that requires more than just skill sets.  Most network marketing leaders will tell you that it is more important to learn the correct mindsets.

This is something network marketing professionals really need to take into consideration when developing their team.

The truth is without the correct mindsets, all the skill set training in world will not create success in network marketing. The fact that network marketing requires a specific set of minds sets is what makes the business so challenging for 97% of the population.  When you have the correct mindsets the pressure is gone, that fear of failure is removed, the day-to-day frustrations become fascinatnig instead of frustrating and you can progress forward. 

I wanted to quit the business every day my first three years.  Most of us try to do the business with the skill sets and mindsets we enter the industry with, and for 97% of us that is impossible.  The truth is developing new mindsets and skill sets is required if you expect to develop a large, growing, duplicating organization.  The sooner you stop trying to do it with what you entered the industry with and start developing new mindsets and skillsets, the sooner it will happen for you.

When you think about any other business, you name it.

* Print Shop
* Antique Store
* Restaurant Owner
* Clothing Store

or whatever ……….. most businesses only require a certain set of skill sets to become successful.  There is no business on the planet that requires the mindsets that network marketing requires.  There are some business's that have similar mindsets required like insurance sales, real estate sales, or other high end sales professions.  However those that really understand network marketing understand it is not about sells, it is about developing leaders.  Network marketing is about the development of people.  The only profession I have thought of that could even come close is being a pastor of a church.  I understand why sometimes pastors get totally burnt out.  The one's that can fight the good fight  & make it are not one's that view their profession as  a profession, but as a "calling".

Am I trying to say you need to have some kind of spiritual calling to become a leader in network marketing?  No, but it wouldn't hurt.  What I am saying is you must be aware of the mindsets that are absolutely necessary to instill into your team. I like to call these mindsets the "Wisdom of the Ages".   They are the same today as they were 50 years ago, and they will be the same 50 years from now.  That is the good news, because once we have internalized these mindsets, THEY WILL NOT CHANGE!  Methods constantly change and evolve, but the mindsets required for success in the network marketing industry will always remain the same.  So why not learn them, internalize them, and get it over with?

Human nature is human nature, people are people. Your income in network marketing is in direct proportion to the number of leaders you DEVELOP.  Notice I didn't say the number of leaders you FIND.  I said the number of leaders you  D E V E L O P.  You are in the leadership development business.  For years I have been telling MLM distributors to stop reading books on Vitamins and Herbs and start reading books on leadership!

I hope this will give you something positive to ponder this weekend.


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I appreciate your support.  Have a great weekend and continue to learn and develop your leadership abilities and love people enough to tell them the truth, and what they need to hear, not necessarily want to hear!

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