Henry Ford said it best.

“If YOU THINK you can, or YOU THINK you
can’t, your RIGHT!

My dad, brother and I attended the Boys
Kentucky State Tournament at Rupp Arena
again this year, I think it was our 12th straight
year. If you have ever seen the movie Hoosiers
that is what it was like.



Our local team, Scott County did not make it
this year. So our philosophy is we root for the
smallest school and any school that is not from
Louisville. Owensboro won the championship. The last
time they won the boys state tournament was in
1980, and the current coach was actually a player
on that team.

Nobody picked Owensboro to win it all, but you
can tell, from the first time they walked on the
court, THEY BELIEVED they were going to win.

“As you Believe, so shall it be done unto you”
What do you believe about your business?


The University of Kentucky won against Cincinnati
Ohio, they are now 36 – 0 only 4 more games to
a National Championship and a history making
40-0 season!

So I am going to continue the celebration, offering
our friends, clients, and customers another very
special offer.

TODAY I am proud to offer my DOUBLE CD SET
MLM MINDSETS. This Double CD Set is available
on Amazon for $22.00. In celebration of
Kentucky’s victory over Cincinnati 64 -51. I am making
this double CD set available for only $10.00
shipped to your door!


I have never advertised this CD through our company,
the only place you can get it is on Amazon or when I
speak at live events.

The testimonies I have received on this DOUBLE CD
SET has been phenomenal. In this CD I share with
you the 10 most important Mindsets that you must
develop in yourself and your network marketing team
to increase your odds for success.

I cannot and would not tell you that if you internalize
these concepts network marketing success is 100% guaranteed.

However I can guarantee you that internalizing these concepts
they will help make your journey more predictable and much less

Here is the contents of CD 1
1) Introduction
2) Learn to Work with THE WAY IT IS
3) Personal Education is Required
4) What Kind of Business are You In?
5) Time Management, The Best Kept Secret of the Rich
6) The Law of Averages Works for Everybody

Here is the contents of CD 2

1) Fear of Rejection
2) Fear of Loss
3) There Ain’t No Fu Fu Dust
4) Beware of the Social Club
5) Three to Five Year Game Plan




P.S. After you listen to this double CD set,
I would appreciate it if you would find it on
Amazon and leave and honest review, it helps
more than you know.

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