Last night’s game will go down as one of the most memorable in the storied history of University of Kentucky Basketball. Thanks for all the tweats and messages making sure my heart was able to take it :). Both teams approached this game the way we should approach life, they gave it all they had, and left it all on the court!

38 – 0, only two more left!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to conduct multiple 10 minute coaching calls with clients, friends, and customers from all over the World. For those of you that tried to get through and couldn’t I apologize, for those of you that did, please take the information we talked about to heart and implement it.

At the end of the coaching sessions, my biggest AH HA moment was there are a lot of good people out there that are in a state of information overload. I honestly believe that there is more opportunity in the market place now that at any time in my life. but you cannot constantly chase shiny objects. Yes, my wife Dawn and I operate multiple business models, but we didn’t learn them all at the same time!

I have heard it said that you are only 5 books away from being an expert on any subject and knowing more about that subject than 99% of the population. This has always been my approach. Years ago when I wanted to learn everything I could about writing ad copy I invested in multiple books and courses and immersed myself in the subject for about 90 days. I have used this approach most of my adult life. With network marketing I studied and learned all I could, listening to audio cassettes for 8 hours a day for 5 straight years. If I was hard on you on the phone yesterday that is why. I know what I know, and everything we teach is congruent, consistent, with the ultimate goal being developing a long-term duplicating team of leaders. If an idea or marketing concept is not congruent with wisdom of the ages principles, I don’t implement it or teach it.

Network marketing is a tough business model, that is why it is so rewarding. If you can build a network marketing team, you can do anything! I believe it starts with understanding your real product is PEOPLE!!

I think one of the biggest challenges in network marketing today is being able to figure out who you should and shouldn’t be listening to? The market place is full of marketers who are trying to teach you that which they have never done! It is hard to say how many self proclaimed gurus I have seen come and go over the past 30+ years.

There are also many well meaning “leaders” and trainers teaching methods that will never produce a long-term duplicating organization. The Secret to Network Marketing Success is to provide the 27%ers unified, duplicatable, systems, that increase their odds for success. Yesterday, I received an email from a very well known MLM trainer, who was conducting a 2 hour webinar on how to close your prospects. I understand where she is coming from, I have been there.

Yes, early in my career I read Zigs Secret to Closing the Sales, The Closers Bible and a dozen other books about closing, but that was before I figured out what the real game is! I understand how to isolate the objection, and then answer the objection, my position is that is simply not what network marketing is about. Residual income is never made from getting people in the business, it comes from keeping them in and providing them a track to run on so they can move forward! 97% of the population don’t want to sell, so trying to teach your team how to “Close Prospects” is not only a waste of time it is also harmful to the growth of your organization.

Network marketing is about sorting through people and finding the RIGHT PERSON at the RIGHT TIME in their life. If you close them in to joining you, I can promise you they will never do a thing. You may have made a small quick start bonus, but the truth is all you have really accomplished is wasting each others time. Find 3 – 5 people every year that want it bad and have strong reasons for doing it and in 3-5 years you will be a superstar in the industry. I get in much greater detail on this subject in some of our other training programs
but this is how you quote “Close prospects”. Simply ask, what questions do I need to answer for you before we get you started?

Let me give you one more quick example, remember a couple of years ago when everyone was doing PBR’s (Private Business Receptions). Everyone was jumping on the PBR bandwagon. As an industry it is like we never learn from our mistakes of the past. Where are all those companies now? Yet some “leaders” are still trying to make PBR’s part of their foundational system. DON’T DO IT! They were never duplicate long-term, here is why …….

Sorry about all of that, let me get off my soap box!

What I am getting ready to say is very important, and something I want you to think about.

#1 You have to realize in network marketing, “What got you where you are, will not take you where you want to go”.
I talk about this in detail in my new MLM Profit CD that is sold out, and I wont be in stock on Amazon for at least another week. (For those of you that keep asking)

Most people build their business based upon their own drive, determination, time management, persistence, credibility & THEIR PERSONALITY, and the truth is PERSONALITY is not duplicatable as we talk about in Masses training.

To move forward you have to continue to develop your skill sets. You have to devote time every week to personal education.

In today’s marketing world what skill sets are important? Please don’t say blogging! That is just more propaganda that was forced down the throats by the Empower Network Crowd a few years ago. Where are all those people now, by the way? Again, ALWAYS ask yourself, who is this person and WHY should I be listening to them!

Let’s look at some real skill sets that are beneficial.

Copywriting. In general I don’t like this topic, because I believe you just tell it like it is, and let the chips fall where they may. If you look at my websites, you will see there are only a few that use any kind of copywriting formula, however a basic understanding of copywriting and how to structure ads is very important. In the beginning of my career I just winged it like all marketers. Like everything I have done over the years, I look back and cringe. My early ads screamed ROOKIE and let’s face it …I was, and I really didn’t even understand what copyrighting was, much less it was a skill set I needed to get educated on.

Once I figured it out, my copywriting go to guy has always been Dan Kennedy and the late Gary Halbert.

My approach has always been find the people that have done what I am trying to do and successfully taught others, and just do what they teach without having an original thought of my own.

Time Management

When it comes to time management, Stephen Covy has been my guy and internalizing his famous time management chart has made a very positive impact on my life and my business!

Time Management Meme


I have preached to network marketers for years “You are in the Leadership Development Business”. “Stop reading books on vitamins and herbs, and start reading books on LEADERSHIP”. Ultimately your long-term income is in direct proportion to the number of LEADERS you DEVELOP on your team! Over the years the way the network marketing industry views leaders, compared to the rest of the world has become distorted. Leaders don’t develop followers, they develop other leaders!!! My go to people for leadership training has been John Maxwell, Ken Blanchard’s book Leadership and the One Minute Manager & my first Network Marketing Mentor, Shaklee Master Coordinator, Jim Burke.

I could go on and on and give you example after example, but I hope you get the point I am trying to make. Name 10 areas that are important for success. Now let me ask you who are your “Go To” people?

There is no question that people do business with those they know, like, and trust, however when it comes to learning how to become successful as a marketer, that is not always smart! Please read that sentence again!

In my opinion when it comes to network marketing you should only listen to Pinnacle Leaders, as I talk about in the free report here: The truth is network marketing is full of one hit wonders that at some point had a $10,000 monthly income. These so called “leaders” are a dime a dozen.

Why do we consider a person a leader, based upon their income? Leadership has nothing to do with the amount of income someone earns, or doesn’t earn in network marketing. Leaders in network marketing are the few that understand it is not about their income, it is about the income of their people.

I apologize, this article has gone much longer than I had planned, but I said all that not only to vent, but to explain why I feel you should take advantage of my special double CD pack called “The Success System the Internet Has Stolen” The bottom line is this CD will help anyone who suffers from information overload and needs to take their business and focus to a new level. This was originally a best selling book, that I decided to record live in the studio.

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