My granddaughter Chapel loves Shark Tank, she is 7.  When I go back to Kentucky we talk about all the different Shark Tank episodes.  She reminds me so much of me sometime it is scary, I feel like I can almost read her mind.  I think TV shows like Shark Tank and The Profit are part of the world wide entrepreneurial buzz going on.  I am excited about the valuable lessons kids can learn from these positive shows.


I have not met an entrepreneur minded person who doesn’t love Shark Tank.  I often ask myself what kind of positive impact the show would have had on me if I could have watched Shark Tank when I was a kid instead of Gilligan’s Island.

All any of us can do is live, learn, &  NEVER STOP LEARNING.

Are you are shark tank fan?  Then you probably know the answer to this question.

What are the two things the Sharks ask every business owner on each episode?

If  you’re thinking.

1) How much does it cost to acquire a new customer?

2) What is the life time value of a customer?

You would be correct.

I would have given anything if I could have had this programmed in my mind when I first started marketing online.  Heck, when I first started marketing online some were still saying the Internet is just a fad.  🙂

Our businesses have sold millions of dollars worth of products and services online.  I have always understood all marketing is math.  Over time  I realized we had to start tracking everything I was doing online, however the amount of time it takes to do this, and software & time required is a nightmare.

You really don’t want to take the time until you are doing enough business, and by the time you are doing enough business it is too late because you start to realize how much profit you have left on the table.

I have said all of that to say this.   If you plan on establishing a significant online business in any niche, the video below, can be business altering for you.   I would have given anything if I had this plug in when I first starting marketing online.  Powerful doesn’t begin to describe it.  If you have no plans of developing a significant online business then don’t watch it, your time is too valuable.

I have always believed, when the student is ready, the teacher will arrive.  For  some  of my blog readers the video below is EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED AT EXACTLY THE RIGHT TIME and I am excited to share this with you.


I have recently changed the majority of my businesses to operate on this system.  We love it, and can’t recommend it highly enough for those who have a long-term game plan and understand that the ability to create leads online and offline should be an important part of your strategy.

Check out the video here to learn more:


Since I originally wrote this article, then my grandchildren decided they wanted to be Shark Tank characters for Halloween.


Below you will see Chapel, my oldest grandchild.  Those of you that have been reading this blog for awhile know about Trust.  He was never suppose to be born alive.  He will never walk or talk, but he has been a joy and inspiration to many people in many ways.  Jude was adopted from Uganda about a year ago.   These 3 are my oldest daughter’s children, and if you have grandkids, you understand.







When you grand kids want to be Shark Tank characters for Halloween, you are doing something right! 🙂


Shark Tank Grandkids









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