Kentucky wins again  91 – 67  Let’s Celebrate!



You know I bleed Blue!

Dawn and I just finished watching Kentucky beat a very scrappy Auburn team 91 -67 in the SEC tournament.  If you are an Auburn fan you should be proud of their SEC tournament run, they left it all on the court.

Anyway I told Dawn, I need to do another celebration deal for our subscribers.  After yesterday’s game we offered our new MLM Profit CD  & it sold out on Amazon!  (Thanks)

So on short notice, here is what I have come up with.  If you guys take advantage of this, I will plan on doing 7 more deals after KY wins each game on the way to their perfect 40 – 0 season, sound like fun?  This is history folks the odds of any team doing what this one will do will probably never happen again.

So here’s the deal.

My best selling book “Change Your Financial Mindset & Create Wealth” is now available on audible.  The good news is it was professionally recorded, so you don’t have to listen to my country accent.


You  can get if FREE with your Audible Trial Membership.

Seriously, if there is one concept I could communicate to entrepreneurs, this would be it.  Honestly, I wish every teenager could have these six states programmed in their mind before they leave high school!

One of the best mental decisions I have made over my marketing career is to DECIDE to become a millionaire after hearing Jim Rohn say for the thousandth time … “Everyone should strive to become a millionaire, not for the money, but for the type of person you will become”

With that said, one of the worst mental decisions I NEVER MADE was not deciding to become a Billionaire.

Do you understand what I am trying to communicate?

It has nothing to do with the money, it has everything to do with reaching your full potential financially and as a person who provides value to the market place.

Do you understand your own financial mindset?

In the recording we talk about the 6 Financial Mindsets.

  1. Lack
  2. Mediocrity
  3. Desperation
  4. Growth
  5. Comfort
  6. Success & Prosperity

In the recording we cover these six areas in detail.  I believe the most dangerous state is Comfort.  I also believe to change your financial mindset, you must first understand exactly where  yours is.  Go check out the audible page and when you are there you can listen to a sample, and also share it on Facebook, (See the arrows Below)


I hope you will take advantage of the Audible Free Trial offer and if nothing else, share this recording with a teenager you love.




Dedicated to Your Success!



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