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As most of you know, I have been sending emails during March Madness and offering some special discounts.  I receved this email from one of our subscribers and found it interesting.  I understand that many people who listen to the talking heads in the media have this perception.  However perception has nothing to do with reality.


Sorry i don’t call a school that recruits players to play one year a college basketball team. Just a minor league team for the pros.


This email reminded me that as human beings, we see things not as they are, but as we are.

Here are the facts.

#1 This team has 16 players.  Only 4 freshmen that could possibly leave for the NBA after one year.  A couple of them will probably go to the NBA at the end of this year, and a couple will probably stay in school.    Duke and several other top level schools have one and done players every year.  It is not the colleges fault, they are playing within the NCAA rules.

#2 There is not a college in America that would not have offered a scholarship to our 4 freshmen or any player that has played at UK over the years.  The real problem is elite players want to go to elite basketball teams.

#3 Kentucky is a players first program.   Kids come to Kentucky because they have dreams to play in the NBA someday, and coach John Calipari’s track record speaks for itself.

#4 Kentucky only recruits good kids. They don’t attract ego driven kids that have to be the star of the team. They are good citizens that support the community and want to be part of a winning tradition.

#4 More than anything, this years Kentucky team is the definition of a TEAM.

T ogether
E veryone
A chieves
M ore

They are playing less minutes than they would at any school in the United States. They have multiple players averaging 10 points plus a game, and our #1 scorer averages only 15 points. but only averages 22 minutes a game.

Network marketing organizations can learn a lot from Kentucky. The thing that destroys most companies and organizations is greed and ego. There is nothing more powerful than a unified team. The whole really is greater than the some of it’s parts but ego prevents most leaders from unifying and working together.

One final point. When most people join a network marketing company they consider the products, the comp plan and the person who is sharing the opportunity with them. Why don’t we pay close attention to the upline, and their proven ability to help others reach their dreams?

Worth thinking about!

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