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Power of the Dream

I understand I was suppose to do give you part 2 of the list-building training this week, but I will plan on doing that for you next Friday. 

Time is a major issue for me this week, plus my mind took a detour when I got a text from my youngest daughter, let me explain.

If you are a regular reader of this newsletter then there is a good chance you have seen my Power of a Dream video training, or at least have it saved on your hard drive somewhere.  

You can Click Here to Watch it

As you probably know when I started in network marketing I was living in a small 600 Square Foot home and driving a beat up Chevy Chevette. (at least it was a "Vette" 🙂 )


Down the road we were able to build a 16,000 square foot home on 100 acres of land in central Kentucky, less than a mile for the Kentucky State Horse Park…


You have probably seen the house in the background of some of the promos we have done over the years.  You wouldn't believe how many messages I have  received from people that tell me what a scum bag I am for using "fake houses" & "fake cars" in my promotions.  Yes, that is done many times, by many people, but to assume everyone is doing that, and to comment on that which you know nothing about ……. geezzz I guess that is another topic for another time.


In fact, my former staff member and now well-known network marketing guru, Mike Potillo, shot his famous "Apprentice" audition video from this house. Click here to watch it!


We lived there 7 years, my oldest daughter's wedding reception was there, I had a couple of friends who were married there, and we have had the house filled with kids from school events, and church youth group outings almost every weekend.  Many of the readers of this newsletter have spent time with us at that house for company events, like the car give-away the national convention.  Remember that? 

We had a huge BBQ dinner at the house for all the attendees of the MLM Seminar of the Century we conducted in Lexington in 2001.   Our family has a lot of great memories from that home.  Unfortunately, we built that home at the top of the housing market, and had about 4 million dollars invested into the construction.


This week  I got a text from my youngest daughter tand it simply said, "The Big House is For Sale"  🙂

Since many of our readers have been to that house over the years, I thought I would let you know in case you're interested!  They are asking 3.4 million and I think that is a steal.   When I sold the house and moved to Dallas I thought I would eventually buy it back, but as we get older our desires change.   When I really stop and think about it,  my dream was never to live in a mansion.   At the time, I can honestly say, the house was built  for my kids, wife, and our downline team at the time, just to show what could happen when an average person with above average desires develops the right skill sets and mindsets!

Here is the Listing

3547 Ironworks PikeI have to admit that the text from my daughter has created a lot of emotions this weeks.  A few bad, 90% good.  I think more than anything it has helped me crystallize in my mind two "wisdom of the ages principals" I bought into at a very early age and have always known…

That is really the two main points I want to expand upon this week.

#1… Material possessions do not create happiness.  All human beings are as happy as we decide to be.  We have either DECIDED in our hearts and minds to make the best of every single day, or we haven't. 

Most depression is created by people who are extremely self centered.  It is hard to be depressed when your main focus is on helping other people and making a positive impact on their life. 

Material success has not effected my happiness one way or the other over the years.  I was happy when I was living in the 600 Square Foot Box.  When i initially moved to Dallas, I lived in a motel for 90 days and as happy there as I was living in a 16,000 square foot mansion.   I have told Dawn many times, i could be happy living in a camper, and I sincerely could.  (As long as it was parked close to the Ocean somewhere 🙂

My hope is that everyone in their life time has the opportunity to go through a toy stage.  However the trap I see a lot of network marketers fall into, is they live on $3,000 – $5,000 a month for most of  their life, they get involved in the network marketing industry, their income doubles to $10,000 a month …….  AND THEY START SPENDING $14,000 !  Then unfortunately something tragic happens, many times the situation is totally out of their control, the company goes out of business and they have put themselves in a desperate situation, because they stayed in the Toys stage too long!

When have you made it, FINANCIALLY in network marketing?   Read ….  Rich Dad, Poor Dad Again.  You have made it where you can live a comfortable life from you assets, and you don't need the check from your network marketing company!   That is the ultimate goal.  So at some point you have to stop spending money on toys, and start investing money into assets.

I went through the toys stage, and enjoyed it.  Cars, homes, first class travel to Hawaii for two weeks, Rolex Watches, Jewelry and on and on.   However the truth is Money doesn't make you happy, it just makes you more of what you already are!  So learn to be happy, and a giver no matter where you are in life.   When Dawn and I got married I told her, I spend money on two things 1) Personal Development & Training  2) Memories

Please don't miss understand what I am saying here.  I am not one of those "Money is the Root of all Evil" people.  That is the the opposite of what I believe.  I actually think it is a sin to be poor, besides that is not what it says anyway, it say THE LOVE of money is the root of all evil and there is a huge difference.   Money supports worth while charities, builds churches, supports mission trips and on and on.   I believe it is our responsibility to double and triple the talents we have been given and not hide them so we can have a positive influence on other people.   So the main thought I have had this week is we are all as happy as we make up our minds to be.


The second Wisdom of the Ages Principal that crystallized in my mind this week,  is the definition of Success. Success  is "Living Your Life  WORKING TOWARDS worthy Dreams goals and Dreams"  AFTER you reach those dreams, you are no longer a success……..unless you develop new ones.  Below is a training I did on this concept a few years ago: Click to View

What is SuccessI hope this inspires you in some way, or gives you some concepts to think about this weekend.  Have a great one, and I will talk with you next week.

Have a great weekend!

Dedicated to Your Success,

























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