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If you are a serious, career minded network marketing distributor this one page on this website,  will give you access to more FREE, valuable no fluff, business building information than $10,000 worth of any network marketing training programs available in the market.  Please don’t breeze over this page.


Why 3 Podcasts?

If you are a learner, an information seeker, a podcast listener, a deep thinker… let me try to explain to you why the information I cover in these 3 podcast will be different that the normal training you are exposed to.  I feel it is important that you know, I don’t need to pay my bills selling you training programs.  I am not going to be promoting the latest greatest lead generation, blogging platform, or anything else.    The last thing I want for you to do is invest in training programs or other products until you need them.

Those of you who have heard my story know that I don’t think there is anyway I could have gotten through the emotional ups and downs of building a network marketing team, if it had not been for cassette tapes and a Sony Walkman.  I have understood that from almost the beginning of my career.


It wasn’t until 35 years later that I understood that I was blessed to have been given an opportunity that 99.999% of network marketers never received.  


This ultimately gave a 20 year old kid that knew he knew nothing about developing a marketing team insights that most people are unable to receive because of their natural talents and skills.  Let me explain further, those that can create a team of people with the skill sets and mindsets they enter the industry with have weaker teams because most of the people on their team don’t enter the industry with those skill sets and mindsets.  

If that concept doesn’t totally click in your mind right now, I talk much more about this in multiple post and videos on this website. I visit this idea often in our podcast.  I understand that is a statement leaders don’t like to hear.  However if you stop and think about it, that makes common sense, doesn’t it?

Having the opportunity to learn from successful thought leaders like Jim Rohn, Earl Nightingale, Napoleon Hill, Dr. Norman Vincent Peal, Zig Ziglar, and many others made a powerful impact on a young 20 year old kid.  I also had the opportunity to learn from the top leaders in companies like Shaklee, Amway, Mary Kay, and Herbalife.  During my first 3 years in network marketing I listened to over 7,500 hours of audio training. To put that in prospective, if  a person listened to 2 hours of training a day, 5 days a week, it would take about 14 years to consume the amount of training I was fortune to hear my first 3 years.

In October of 1983 something happened to me that transformed the rest of my network marketing career. I had to be at IBM in Lexington, Kentucky  on a Saturday morning at 6:00 AM to work six hours of overtime.  When I arrived and got to my work area, I realized that I really didn’t remember my 20 minute drive there.   I had arrived in a little early.   I sat down at my work bench, and the only way I can describe it is that my subconscious mind opened up and started pouring into my conscious mind what I called at the time PHASE ONE EVALUATION AND TRAINING PROGRAM.   I grabbed my repair cards and a pencil and started writing as fast as I could as my mind was flooded with what I call today THE 5 CORE PRINCIPLES OF NETWORK MARKETING.

When I got home I took those repair cards and typed up the complete system.  At that point, in October of 1983, the best way I would describe myself is a determined yet frustrated network marketer.  After we implemented the system, in 1984 we were recognized at the companies annual convention as one of the Top 5 organizations for group volume. (“Leadership moves products, distributors come and go”)

The next year in 1986, two of the top 5 award winners in the company were front line to me.  I have made a few minor changes to the system(s) over the years as technology has provided new lead generation methods, however the REAL PRODUCT in network marketing always has been and always will be PEOPLE! “If you build people, people will build the business.”  


It is very humbling to know that these systems have been used by top income earners from multiple companies around the world.


I said all of that to say this.  In the mid nineties, when I watched the industry start to compete with itself & get away from the foundational principles to build duplicating teams, I became very frustrated.  Finally in 2000 after earning millions of dollars in the industry, I sold all my interest and retired from the network marketing industry.  I felt there were other business models I wanted to learn and could ultimately support entrepreneur minded people with.  However, the industry wouldn’t let me go.

As soon as I announced my retirement from building teams, my phone started ringing with consulting and training opportunities that I had never anticipated, expected or even wanted.  My goal was never to be a keynote speaker, teacher, trainer or consultant.  However, I have been blessed to have been able to travel all over the world and share my business building systems with  audiences totaling  over 1 million people.

In July of 2015, for the first time in my life, I made the DECISION to build Network Marketing Support Services.  There are multiple reasons that I will share one day, but one of those reasons was my personal discovery of podcasts.

Here is what I understand and this really fires me up.  Podcast listeners are learners!  Podcasts are giving people around the world the opportunity I had listening to my Walkman back in 1980 when I started.




Why 3 Podcasts Dale?



This Podcast is not a weekly show, it is actually a 12 Lesson Course that teaches principles and concepts that new distributors need to understand and internalize.  Many of the leaders we work with in various companies suggest that all new members on their team subscribe to this podcast after they join their team.
















This podcast is designed for all network marketers.  I know in the beginning of my career Success Stories from distributors not just in the company I was with (Shaklee), but those from Amway, Herbalife and Mary Kay distributors KEPT ME IN THE GAME.  Over the years, I have met a lot of people whose stories need to be told.  That was really my motivation behind this podcast.  

If you know someone we should interview, you can recommend them at MLMSuccess.com   If you doubt the duplicatable systems that we teach work, there is no better proof than the first 7 episodes of this podcast.   Yes, I understand that there are many shallow thinkers who think network marketing is different today.  That is like saying classic books like Think & Grow Rich are not valid today.  Real leaders understand that network marketing in not about their personal income, but that of their team members.  As Zig Ziglar shared with the world years ago.










Many people think success in network marketing depends upon funnels, followers, marketing hacks, branding, and other misguided concepts being taught today.  Listen, I am all for branding, marketing, funnels, followers, etc as it relates to TRADITIONAL BUSINESS.  However network marketing is different.  THE REAL PRODUCT IS PEOPLE …… Well trained distributors!

If somebody joins your team because they know you, like you, and trust you, what are the odds they will actually TAKE ANY KIND OF A C T I O N, after they join?  It is hard to say, but in many ways network marketing has become a big party, a social club! This business model has very little to do with “getting them in” and everything to do with keeping them in and helping them move forward through your companies leadership/compensation plan!

MLM Success Podcast










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Honestly, this podcast is to challenge career- minded network marketing “Leaders” to re-evaluate the way they are DEVELOPING the future leaders on their team.  The sad but true fact is, that after someone works their fanny off building a six figure income in the Network Marketing industry ….. the odds are greater that they will be totally out of the business in 5 years, than they will be earning  a million dollar annual income.   I have said many times, my income went from $252,000 to 1.1 million to 3.3 million to 3.8 million a year BY DESIGN, AND ON PURPOSE.  I know exactly how it happened and how any leader can duplicate it if they are willing to implement common sense and real world, TEAM BUILDING SYSTEMS.



















What I am getting ready to share with you is more important than I feel capable of expressing in words.  I am going to say it as straight up as I can, and I sincerely hope you hear this in the spirit in which it is intended.   I believe that every entrepreneur should have multiple success mentors.


I believe that all SELF-MADE successful people  involved in any business model ALL THINK THE SAME WAY, they understand the power of self talk, programming your mind for success, and take responsibility for their own path in life.



A confused mind does nothing!

I know one of the biggest challenges network marketers experience today is who are they going to learn their team building systems from?  My suggestion is, find your mentor based upon their track record.  Listening to someone because you like their personality or any other reason than DOCUMENTED TRACK RECORD  is the number one reason that so many awesome people have entered and left the industry over the past 15 years.

I sincerely believe this!

Those who succeed in corporate America were taught by professors.  Entrepreneurs are taught by mentors.  Have ONE Network Marketing mentor.  Choose them based upon track record.

Those who have made a six figure income in the network marketing profession are a dime a dozen.

Yes, I hope you will consider Network Marketing Support Services.  If you consider us or not, that is your decision.  If you plug into our podcast and training webinars you will quickly see that we are not interested in creating an audience that knows us, likes us, and trust us.  I  have never been accused of stroking egos or telling people what they want to hear.  For me it has always been about helping the 27%ers stack the odds for success in their favor.  I understand what these people need at a level it haunts me, because I personally needed it. 


No I am not promising you Fu Fu dust a secret formulas your upline & company doesn’t want you to know about.  I do believe that if you are teachable, that I can help you get where you want to go quicker than any generic teacher in the world.  Not because I am special , but because when I started nobody in their right mind would have bet on me to be a multi-million dollar earner.  I have traveled the road you traveling, systematized the process and developed more five and six figure earners on my personal team than any generic teacher on the planet.  I understand the real product is YOU! 

Success doesn’t come from finding the right people, it comes from you becoming the right person.

I know the back stories of almost every generic network marketing trainers in the industry. The sad truth is some built a following, but most NEVER BUILT DUPLICATING TEAMS, or were what the Music Industry would call “One Hit Wonders.”  I am not saying they are bad people, or that 80% of what they teach is not based upon solid wisdom of the ages Success Principles. However, I cannot name one, that has a deep understanding of  the concept of LEADERSHIP  DEVELOPMENT. 


Self proclaimed gurus are constantly talking about finding leaders.  When you shift your mindset from the concept of finding leaders to developing what I call home grown leaders ….. this shift in your thinking can transform your business.

 So find a pinnacle leadership mentor who  understands the concept of team building and leadership development.  I get in more depth about this concept here:


I have already communicated more than I should and given you too many options as far as webinars and other free content we make available.  As some one said to me last week “Dale, the free content you have available at www.MLMHelp.com has helped my business move forward more than the $11,000 worth of seminars and training programs I spent with the wrong people last year.”

My response, “that is my goal, provide more valuable free content on MLMHelp.com than most people charge for.”  However the real solution is every bit of personal education you invest in is never wasted. Sometimes those seminars and training programs, help us recognize the real deal when we find it.

So I hope you will bookmark this website, and come back when you have time to really focus, and learn.  In the top right hand corner is a search box.  Almost any topic you can think about relating to the network marketing profession you will find on this website.  We have been online since the mid 90’s and we are adding new, fresh, content weekly. 

If you feel I am coming across to strong, or even egotistical, I understand.  I reality it is just the opposite. I understand the road to the development of proper skill sets and mindsets.  I had none of the skills I necessary when I started, and I know if I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT!

Check out our podcast. If you are a serious, career minded distributor I believe you will find what you are looking for.



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