Dale primarily works with network marketing
leaders who are ready to develop step-by-step,
duplicatable training systems for their team.
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Dale  makes  available a limited number of 1 on 1 coaching sessions each month.  Why chose Dale?  The reason is SIMPLE ……..Track Record!   Dale has developed more six figure earners than any modern day network marketing coach.    Dale retired for building personal teams in 2000.  He is one of the few quote, unquote network marketing coaches, teachers, trainers, or key note speakers that doesn’t have a program to back you end to.


One of Dales First Coaching Clients back in the mid nineties was now famous MLM Millionaire David Ledoux, before anyone had any idea who David Ledoux was.








David retired early and now authors books on his passion “Gardening”.  However his first book was HOW I WENT FROM WELFARE TO MILLIONAIRE WITHOUT WINNING THE LOTTERY.










Before retiring David  was voted as one of the top network marketing trainers.

Does this mean you will become the next David Ledoux, if you coach with Dale? Probably not but you never know!

WHAT IS COACHING? Coaching is a formalized one-on-one process used to develop and individuals potential and enhance overall performance. Coaching helps to bring
each individuals personal values, professional goals, and needs into focus.

Coaching helps to create a very focused intensity towards goals and desires to maximize ones potential and abilities. How can Dale help me if I choose to coach
with him?
How often do you have the opportunity to work one on one with a 30+ year MLM Veteran and self-made Millionaire?

By choosing Dale as your personal coach, he can help you to:

* Crystallize your true desires, dreams and goals
* Create the POSTURE of a LEADER
* Master Prospecting
* Give you the right terminology to attract people
* Help get control of Time Management Issues
* Develop a strong Internet Presence
* Develop your confidence, assurance & satisfaction
* Stay motivated when times get tough
* Develop a Specific Distributor Retention Program
* Experience a powerful and enriched personal life
* Interrupt patterns that have held you back
* Set targeted goals and take specific action towards their completion
* Develop consistently and Daily Action And much much more, after
30+ years in this industry Dale get help you at whatever aspect of the
business you need help


CAN’T MY UPLINE OR SPONSOR DO THIS FOR ME? I don’t know, can they?   Unfortunately in many cases network marketing   is nothing more than the blind, leading the blind.  Quite frankly will successful uplines take the time?  Most people working the business in your upline simply don’t have or won’t take the time to coach and
mentor everyone on their team individually. Hiring Dale as your personal coach guarantees that you get the attention that you need to propel yourself forward and gives you the highest chance to take your business to the next level.   EVEN TIGER WOODS NEEDS A COACH!

DOES Dale coach everyone who attempts to hire him?  Absolutely not, as a matter of fact, forty percent of the people that attempt to hire Dale do not
qualify for one reason or another.  Dale truly believes that many people need to simply read a course, or book, to move forward on their path to network marketing success.

Dale is very selective about who he CHOOSES to coach. Due to time constraints and Dale’s travel schedule he is very selective about whom he chooses to work with. While Dale does coach a few new distributors, the majority of Dale’s coaching clients are networkers who are already successful, but desire to take their business to a new level.


Dale coaches a maximum of 15 individuals per month.




Dale offers a 1-hour coaching package. This is designed for people that have specific questions and need help developing systems and programs in one aspect of the business. Such as distributor training programs or developing an Internet presence.

Dale also offers a package of 4 1-hour sessions. The initial session is primarily a discovery process Dale uses to identify your true goals and desires. He then identifies issue that may be holding you back, and specific areas of training that should be focused on.


The following 3 sessions will focus on a specific RESULTS driven plan of action, helping you to eliminate barriers and provide resources to help you achieve the results you desire.

HOW MUCH IS MY INVESTMENT?  Current fees for coaching are $1500 for the 1-hour package and $5,000.00  for the 4-one hour sessions conducted over a four-week period of time. Returning Clients receive the 4-one hour sessions at a discount rate.  Anyone who personally refers a coaching client will receive a $250.00 referral fee.

Note: Mr. Calvert currently has no openings at this time, completing this questionnaire will place you on his waiting list. If you are accepted you will be notified with in 5-10 business days.

After acceptance, when an opening occurs you will be notified via phone and email. You will have 12 hours to decide if you wish to fill the slot. If you do, your session will start within 1 week. If you don’t take the slot will be offered to the next person on the waiting list and you will  be moved to the bottom of the waiting list or removed all together. That is the fairest way we know to handle this

Our their in guarantees.

The short answer is Dale’s TRACK RECORD.

However we have also answered a 100% money back guarantee.  Spend 1 hours with Dale and if you don’t feel the insight he provides is worth 10X your investment, we will gladly refund your investment.   Dale has been coaching distributors One-On-One for over 15 years and we have NEVER HAD A REFUND REQUEST.   Partially because Dale’s insights are unique, his systems and methods work.   More importantly he is very selective about who he accepts as a coaching clients.

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