Dale Calvert

As I look back over my career and how the internet has

become such an important marketing tool, there are 2 skills

that I am thankful I learned.


The first is typing.  I am not a 70 word a minute typist, but

I do have gust of about 55 words a minute, and I can feel my

way around the keyboard without looking.


I remember back in 1995, when I was starting to work with a

partner on a new project.  He had developed the first

internet based flash movie prospecting system

(www.movie.tip4success.com) and was embarrassed trying

to navigate through the system because all he could manage

to do on his laptop was the hunt and peck method of typing.

(Some of you know exactly what I am talking about)


I ended up buying him a gift, a learn typing at home course

I purchased at Office Depot.  I told him, if he would devote

15 minutes a day to this course, over the long haul it would

increase his production drastically.


To tell the truth, I have not kept in very good contact with

him over the years, and I couldn’t tell you if he ever learned

to type or keyboarding as the kids call it these days, but I

hope he took my advice.  I would advise you to do the same

thing, if the only way you can type is by using the hunt and

peck method, I encourage you to make it your goal to learn

how to type this year.  My advice to you would be the same.


15 minutes a day, will make a major positive impact on your

production over the rest of your marketing career.  So make

yourself a note, and the next time you at your office supply

store, pick up a typing teaching program.


The 2nd skill has probably been the most valuable.  My first

year at IBM I took an elective speed reading course. I took

this on my own time, and I was amazed, out of over 7000

Employees who had the opportunity to take the course, free of

charge, there was only 3 of us in the class.


I went through the Dick Cavett Speed reading program and it has

made  a major positive impact on my ability to get through and

comprehend information. 


Today, there a many speed reading programs on the market, one

of the most popular is the IQ Program by Infinite Mind.  I have

several marketing friends that have gone through this course

and love it.  Right now they are offering a 30 day free trial

on their website IQProgram you just cover the P&H fee and they

send it to you so you can prove its value to yourself, before you

invest in the program.


Life is about personal growth, and becoming more efficient and

what we do.  I believe in today’s marketing world, 2 skills

that would do everyone a lot of good and ultimately help them

earn more income is:


1) Learn how to type


2) Learn How to increase your reading speed up to 10x with the

IQ Program.



Continued Success






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