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For those of you that send me emails and tell me I talk too much about sports in my newsletters and articles … Sorry.  For the rest of you, you will never look at Nebraska football the same, I know I won't.



Jack Hoffman Nebraska

Friday April 5, 2013

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I… Continue reading »

The longer I live, the more I am convinced that "self educated"  people, all come to the same conclusions, or maybe we just all studied Jim Rohn.  Regardless, I was doing some research today on a future project and I came across the article below from CS Hughes.  I thought it was awesome and I wanted to share it with our readers.  This explains exactly why those of you have not yet joined THE MLM TRAINING CLUB,  should join today!   🙂 

I hope you enjoy the article,  truth is truth and when was the last time you heard the term "University on Wheels"?  I can remember a time when  you could not attend a training event without that phrase being repeated over and over, and as I talk about in the 7 Lies book, it is… Continue reading »

No, this is not a MLM Training, other than the fact the leaders  are never willing to gloss over things that don't make sense.

Sometimes, you just have to stop and ask yourself what is the world coming to?  

I am glad that people have the guts to ask the people at Google, what in the world are you thinking  ….  IT'S EASTER SUNDAY!




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