I want to share with you a concept that I call it the 3-legged stool. We’ve all seen the legged stools at some point in our lives.  If you would rather watch a video on the 3 Legged Stool idea, you can scroll to the bottom of this article and check out the video.


To become successful in this industry it requires 3 Legs. I am not speaking of 3 downline teams, but there are 3 important factors, understandings, mindsets, if you will.



You must develop the right skill sets. Most people attempting to get their organization off the ground, just go into the marketplace without a game plan or business launch system from their sponsor, they don’t really learn any new skill sets, they’re just kind of what I call ignorance on fire.


From time to time, when they’re really excited, they might get a few customers, but eventually they have to learn the right skill sets to do this business. 


Can you imagine signing a application to become a dentist one day, and then attempting to pull someone’s tooth out of their mouth the next?

Similar types of behavior has become the norm with the network marketing business model.  To think systematic, sequential training, is not required to maximize your network marketing success is naive.  Yes, I believe that with the right mentorship network marketing provides the best opportunity in the world for average people with above average desire to create financial independence, and if they choose, over time, true wealth.

The network marketing business model is the simplest, yet most complex business model in the world.


It is not difficult, it’s simple, repetition is the key to learning and you just do it over and over and over enough and you get it and it’s just a simple process, if you have the correct launch training and understand how to generate leads without going broke. 


The skill sets are not a difficult task if you have somebody that can teach you the right skill sets.  Unfortunately in network marketing we have developed a culture of the blind-leading-the blind.  Most of the people with leadership titles in this profession are just hard working people that others like hanging out with.







Number 2 is the right mindset, and that’s the hard part because we get so wrapped up in the emotions of who joins, who doesn’t join,  who buys and who doesn’t buy. 


Somebody that joins you gets started, they quit or don’t do a thing and we get so frustrated sometimes. I know I have throughout the years, until I finally learned anything anybody does is a BONUS!  The only person I can depend on and control their activity is the person staring at me back in the mirror.  The same goes for you.  Most people are wired in to let the acceptance, or success of someone else determine their success.


If it is to be, it’s up to me. I just have to do what I know I can do every day and then let everything else play out the way it’s supposed to and not get too emotionally wrapped up in the process. That is a lot easier said than done, when you see intelligent people make the same mistakes over and over because they get tangled up emotionally with the network marketing business.


There is not just one mindset to become successful in network marketing, there are multiple mindsets.  Who is teaching you the mindsets necessary for network marketing success?  Your sponsor, who has never had significant success with this business model?

Network marketing is different than any other business model, why do you think that would be?  I could go to Chef school, open a restaurant and then practice my craft.  If I am good, I will probably have a successful restaurant.  However with network marketing it is ultimately not about your personal skill sets, and mindsets, because you must develop a team of Chef’, so to speak. This is a very important distinction, that I am certain most network marketers never quite internalize.  Proper mindset development is the most important thing a leader must do for their team.  It is so, important that I actually recorded a double audio program, just on this topic.  It is called MLM Mindsets, we don’t make this available on our website but you can find it on Amazon.


Jim Rohn’s got some awesome information, awesome material. We’ve got a program called Programming Your Mind for Success that really gets into the mindsets of what it takes to do this business.  You need to find great mindset mentors with proven track records and avoid all the other Fake it till you make it gurus hanging around this industry.




I understand that over the next couple of  paragraphs  I am going to upset 90% of the people that read this article, but the third factor that is really important and overlooked by people and that’s being in the right company at the right time in history, It’s timing.


You know, when I first got involved in this industry, it was in 1980 and I got involved with an awesome company, awesome product line, New York Stock Exchange company, they’re still in business today, 50 years later. They’ve done awesome, it is a great company, I fell in love with it, I fell in love with my first company, which most people do.


And because of that, I missed Al Williams and I missed Herbalife. I should have jumped in both of those companies, I’ve talked about that with on multiple podcast episode, but I missed it because I was so into my first company and so committed and dedicated to it. But the truth is, looking back it is easy to see.  That company, their major growth from ‘75 to 1978 and I joined in 80. I missed the big push.


My second company I heard about 2 years before I got involved with it. I saw the presentation, it made total sense, I knew I could do it, but I had a lot of baggage because of the 5 years I’d spent with my first company; and like many, I hold told myself “Never Again”. I never wanted to have my income depend upon somebody else again and everything that all of us go through that have been down this road.


To make a  long story short, I got involved with my second company 2 years after I was initially shown the opportunity.  (For the record the guy that initially showed me the program, I never heard from again after his initial follow up)  That is one of the reason we teach a concept called eagle file, those of you that are regular listeners of our MLM Success Podcast and  No Fluff Network Marketing Podcast have heard me share the Eagle File system many times.


Anyway we built an awesome team and went to the top in 18 months, qualifying for every incentive the company offered.   We built a  strong 6-figure income, president’s Advisory Council member, top 10% of income earners in the company, etc. etc.


However the leaders that had joined that company the 2 years before me had not worked any harder than I worked were making millions of dollars.  Don’t  misunderstand what I am saying here.   I was happy for those leaders and satisfied with the growing income I had built. 
My only point is that if I had joined that company two years earlier when I first saw it I believe I would have created a million dollar income in those first two years instead of  ¼ million.  Five years into this awesome run, the company decided to make a major shift in the product they were offering, I knew I had to pivot, because my belief in the new products was just not there.


It was at this time, I  got involved with a company in the very beginning, when the owner hired me to develop the training system before their launch. 


I became the number one distributor, and the timing was right, the product was right, it was a category creator, it was new, it was a hot trend in weight loss.  I put the skill sets, and mindsets I had learned over the years into ACTION and built a team of over 60,000 distributors that did over 100 million dollars in wholesale product sales.  I earned millions of dollars.  More importantly we made a positive impact on the financial lives of thousands f people.  We developed more five, six and seven figure earners on our team than any generic network marketing teacher or trainer in the profession today.


My point is this, those first 5 years is when I developed the skill sets and the mindsets, I really didn’t make very much money. I mean, I was able to leave my job at IBM after 5 years, but what I learned during that time, that was the education, that is where the skill sets and the mindsets where ultimately developed ON PURPOSE.


Most experienced network marketers have learned what they have learned have learned through osmosis.  Because of that many leaders have missed important classes along their journey.  The purpose of this website, and our podcast is to try to help serious, career minded leaders, fill in the pieces of the puzzle.  I certainly don’t know everything, and have been in a constant learning mode all my adult life, but I have some answers, I have the experience, and a documented track record.  I am not someone who will tell you what you want to hear, just so I can sell you what I want to sell you.


So when I got involved with my second company we went to the top in 18 months, it was because this time I had the third leg of the stool.   The timing was much better with that company than it was with my first company. My first company, their major growth was over by the time I joined.  Yes,  it was and still is, a good, solid, credible company.  


I could have stayed there and over time probably made 6 figures a year and that wouldn’t have been bad life.   However, I’m saying you have to have the skill sets, mind sets, and timing to maximize your upside potential.  It takes all 3 legs of the stool.  Building a network marketing team is THE SAME WORK no matter what company you are with, so it really comes down to what do YOU PERSONALLY WANT? 

Many times over the years, I have thought what my life would look like if I had just stayed with my first company.  It is true, some rapper, I think it was Biggie that said “Mo Money, Mo Problems”.   

Make no mistake about it, network marketing is the most challenging business model in the world.  But personally, I believe it is worth it.

Within 18 months with the right mentorship and consistent activity in the market place most people can have the foundational skill sets and mindsets developed that will serve them well the rest of their network marketing career.

I didn’t say after 18 months of hanging around on your uplines zoom meetings!  I said it takes 18 months of the RIGHT mentorship and consistent activity.

So during my time in the first company, I developed the skill sets and mind sets. And eventually, you have to stop, plant somewhere, find the right mentor and develop the proper skill set and mindsets if you expect to maximize your potential with the network marketing business model.


In today’s market environment people treat it like a lottery ticket instead of a real business.  They are there for a couple months  collect all the fast start bonuses they can then they join the next deal and the next deal and the next deal and the next deal, and they never stop find the right mentor and develop the skill sets and the mindsets necessary for long term success and financial independence.


Trying to build a network marketing team with the skill sets and mindsets you ENTER the business with is like someone who has never skated on ice attempting to become a professional hockey player.




 When I left my second company, my check was $23,000 the month before I resigned. 


I told my wife.  “I’m going to resign and I’m going to join this brand-new company,” and she said, “You’re absolutely nuts.”


She said, “Dale, you’ve worked so hard, for so long, we’ve got a huge organization in 3 different countries, we make $15,000+ a month if you don’t even walk outside the house, why would you leave that?”



It was because of TIMING.  I said, “Because if what I’m seeing is right, then opportunity will set us up for the rest of our life, and if it doesn’t work out, then I already have the skill sets in the mind sets developed.I can go anywhere and find a product or company that I believe in and I’ll build it wherever I go. So I’m not worried about that.   If we are in front of the trend I think we are, great, if not, at least I tried.


So from $23,000, my first check with this new company was $683 and my second check was like $1300.   My wife, parents, everyone in my world thought I had made a terrible mistake resigning from a company where I was earning ¼ million dollars a year.  But I believed in the timing of the product, and honestly for me it has always been more about playing the game, more than the money anyway.


Thankfully by the end of that first year, my monthly income  was approaching $70,000. So, I was right and it worked out great, but my point is simply this:

One of the biggest mistake people make when evaluating network marketing opportunities is they don’t look deep enough.  They never really ask themselves important questions,  The first being, What do I really want from my network marketing business?  I have always believed network marketing is a personal development program with an opportunity attached.  It is the opportunity to create life altering, residual income.   If you want to make a few hundred extra bucks a month, I don’t recommend the network marketing business model.

If you are looking  for a career change, the opportunity to make a positive impact on the life of thousands of people then network marketing is the business model for you.  The next questions you should consider are …
Do you have the right mentor?

Have you developed the proper skillsets? Are you willing to?

Have you developed the proper mindsets? Are you willing to?

People make the mistake of looking at leaders in companies and thinking, my knowledge, skill sets, and mindsets are as strong as theirs, so I should be able to accomplish what they have done.


However that may not be accurate.


The bottom line reality is, when they started it was a different time,  a different place.  If you’re with a company that you believe in who provides high quality products and services awesome.    Stay with them, find the right mentor and refine your skill sets and DEVELOP the proper mindset.

The majority of people in network marketing companies hang out waiting for a product, service, upline, company, or fu fu dust to land or be sprinkled on them to make them successful.


Where ever you are, daily work on the development of your skill sets and mindsets. 


At some point an opportunity will come to you where the timing is right and you will be able to get involved early, take your developed skill sets and your mindsets and explode it.    


They key being you must develop the proper skill sets and mindsets, now and understand it is an ongoing,
daily way of life.


Don’t think that it’s going to happen just because you have 1 leg of the stool.  Right now you may be in the right place at the right time with the right company however that doesn’t entitled you to great financial success.  Timing is just 1 leg of the stool.



I was back in Kentucky at our office this week and I was looking through some photographs from an event.  It was the first from … the company that I was able to make millions and millions of dollars with. 


There was about 90 people in attendance.  The picture was of people standing in a line waiting to go to the front of the room and give their income testimony.


I counted, 17 people in that line, they were are part of my team. 


I look at the picture and I thought to myself, you know, a year later 16 of the 17 people were no longer in that business, the one person that was went on make a strong 6-figure income.


I hadn’t talked to him in probably several years and I saw him in Orlando about 4 or 5 months ago and we had dinner, the previous month with the company that he’s with now, his income was over 60,000 for that month.


He learned the skill sets and mindsets years ago when he was on my team.  He and his wife got involved with a category creating company in when it launched about 3 years ago.


I can give you example after example and testimony after testimony of people I have mentored and worked with personally over the years who all have gone through this process.



I can promise you if you attempt to build your business with the skill sets and mindsets you enter the network marketing profession with, YOU WILL END UP LIKE THE 16 PEOPLE  I talked about earlier, who made money in the beginning only to leave the company over time because what they were doing couldn’t duplicate!


Network marketing is a different business.  It is different than any other entrepreneurial endeavor, because it not about you, it is about YOUR TEAM.

To stack the odds for success in your favor, and to maximize your true upside potential don’t make the mistake of not accepting this fact.  Not really coming to grips with this fact early is the number one mistake made by good people in this profession.    No matter what your background, you must FIND A MENTOR.  Develop the right skill sets, mindsets.    If and when the right opportunity comes your way that is a true category creator,  you must consider making a pivot if you want to become a million dollar earner in this profession.

In wrapping up this article, I cannot stress strongly enough that BEING IN THE RIGHT COMPANY AT THE RIGHT TIME IS NO GUARANTEE OF SUCCESS.

Building teams takes a special group of skill sets and mindsets that can be developed.   The real product in network marketing is people, if you build people, people will build the business.

Now you are aware of the 3 Legged Stool, I hope you internalize this concept and use these the ideas to maximize your success.  As always if you have questions, need clarification, or have comments, please enter them below!






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