If you are paying attention to your web logs and the sources of traffic to your websites then you know over the past 18 months there has been a major increase in traffic from social media websites.  The truth is the internet is shrinking.  We have always tried to teach people to  GO WHERE THE TRAFFIC ALREADY IS.!

Yes there are more websites online than ever before, however the majority of website visitors congregate on just a few websites.  If you are not using social media websites like Facebook, Pintrest, Twitter, Linked In, etc. and even websites like Ebay & Amazon to market your business you are simply missing it.

So if the importance of creating a presence on all social media websites is more important now than at any other time, are you moving in that direction?  When it comes to website traffic & social media promotion we all face the same challenges. For most of us it’s time.  There are simply not enough hours in the day to make sure you log into your Pintrest, Facebook, YouTube, Linked In, Twitter, Instagram, & Google+  accounts and interact with your clients and customers.   I am sure I left out a few, but you understand what I am saying.  So what is the answer?

There are multiple strategies, ideas, and software for creating a profitable presence on all social media accounts.  I personally know people that are making six figures a year on Instagram, others who make 7 figures with Facebook.  So what do you really want to accomplish with social media should be the first question you ask yourself.   I really don’t see social media as a business model, but as a promotional opportunity for a business.  So how can you use social media to promote your business without going crazy?  The short answer is-


Do you want to master getting customers and traffic from Pinterest?  Then focus on Pinterest for a few days, or a few weeks. Learn and implement every strategy you can.  Track what works, then outource those activities to someone you can pay a few dollars a week to manage your Pinterest website(s).

Then pick another social media website and rinse and repeat this process.  The majority Calvert Marketing Group’s niche websites and social media accounts are managed by other people.  If the header of the website says “Dale Calvert’s” then 95% of the content comes from me.   The truth is I have established websites like ……

Pinterest Marketing Help BestWebsiteTrafficReviews.com

Pintrest Marketing Help & Best Website Traffic Reviews and several others for personal reasons. When I find a website traffic idea, piece of software I want to test, or Pintrest marketing idea, I post it on the websites like this that I own.   I write something about it, so I remember the details when I need them.   I spend a certain number of hours each week on “Personal Education” and these websites help me keep track of the information on specific topics I want to learn more about.   I have these types of websites for Kindle Publishing, Domain Flipping, Website Flipping, Amazon & Ebay marketing and virtually every niche I have an interest in.   ( I don’t know if you realize it or not, but I just let you in on what I call a “self education” secret)

I spend at least an hour every day testing and learning new traffic generation ideas.  My goal is to master the idea, then outsource it, that is the only opportunity I have to be able to learn the new things I want to learn and maintain the web properties I own.  Quite frankly there have been many occasions over the past 15+ years that I have dropped the ball, but over all this works for me.   Outsourcers have become more and more important to my business over the years.   Finding good, honest, people that want to work can be very challenging, but it is worth it.


Social Media

So what is the 4-step process?

1) Education  I try to find the most successful person on the subject and go through whatever training programs they provide, in addition to everything else I can get my hands on.  I have said many times, “I buy everything”.    I believe in personal education and when I want to learn a topic I amerce myself in as much information on it that I can find.  I always ask myself, who is this person and why should I be listening to them.  The internet is full of people that are trying to teach us how to do something they have never done.   Be very skeptical, but open minded enough to learn from those that not just talk the talk but who have walked the walk.

2) Implementation  I take what I learn and immediately implement it, knowing I will make mistakes along the way, but my goal is to fail forward quickly

3) Track my results, and become profitable.  Most of the ideas and methods we implement do not immediately become profitable.  It takes testing and tweaking.  If I feel an idea is worth testing, then it is worth giving time to work.  I decide before I start how long to give a strategy. In network marketing I always tell people give it 100% all out effort for 90 days, then stop and evaluate.  After 90 days ask yourself can you give it 1 year without looking back?   When we get emotionally involved it can cause us to quit to soon or stay to long.  After a reasonable amount of time if a strategy is not working and isn’t profitable we move on, if it is profitable then we move to step 4.

4) Outsource or Delegate

The bottom line for me is I don’t mind paying someone every week to manage a website and the social media connected to it, if I am profitable.  I don’t have to be making 10X my money, I just want to be profitable.   For many of our websites I pay about $15 a year for a domain and $250 for content maintenances.  If the website produces only $1,000 a year in hands off income I am way ahead of the game.  I have always seen good  .COM domain names as an investment.  It is like land, they aren’t making anymore.

So when it comes to marketing and promotion on social media, or any other website the best advice I can give you is MASTER ONE  STRATEGY AT A TIME, THEN DELIGATE OR OUTSOURCE!

If you have no experience with outsourcing the best place to start is FIVERR!  I have found some great people on Fiverr that I have developed long term business relationships with.   Most marketers I know use Fiverr every week.  If you have not used, or are not familiar with FIVERR prepare to get blown away!

Don’t even read the rest of this article, your time would be better spent discovering what Fiverr can do for your business!


Many of you know that my wife Dawn and I operate D&D Publishing which is a digital publishing business.  It is a great business model that took us two years of concentrated effort and ongoing education to master.  However from a residual income prospective, it rocks!  95% of the books we publish on Kindle, Smashwords, etc, are not written by us.   We come up with the idea, and outline, our writers write, or editors edit, and our cover design people design the covers.   Where did we find these people?  On websites like Fiverr, Odesk, Elance, and a few other outsource directories we use.

Here is just one of our authors we found on Fiverr, yes this is his pen name, but you get the idea.  www.AuthorJohnSummit.com

You may think this article is about outsourcing, it is not.  It is about understanding that “Time Management is the Best Kept Secret of the Rich”  Jim Rohn.   I don’t think that anyone would debate that if you are involved in any type of business that having a social media presence is critical in today’s world.   However getting from where you might be to were you need to go can be a challenge, but it can be done.  I hope the 4 points above will help you.  Just remember education, implementation, test, outsource.

If you enjoyed this post, please share it on one of your social media websites.  I AM SERIOUS!  Clicking the share button helps me more than you may understand, and I sincerely appreciate it.

PS  One more thought regarding social media.  If you are in business then you probably enjoy the show Shark Tank.  Pay close attention how many people come on that show that are basically doing all of the marketing and promotion of their business via social media it is shocking.  However as I have said many times “Success Leaves Clues”.


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