I love this time of year, it brings back great childhood memories.   March Madness wraps up and baseball season is here. 


I have a nine year old nephew, Taylor who has recently started practice for this years Little League baseball season.  Taylor is on a good team, and has come to the conclusion that he needs to bulk up a little to fulfill his potential this season. 


So he got his hands on a couple of 5 pound dumbbells and proceeded to go in his room and do arm curls while watching TV.  His mom would catch him in his room from time to time checking himself out in the mirror.


After one week of this ritual, he came home from school yesterday afternoon and asked his mom for a cupcake, specifically a cupcake “on a plate”.    He then explained his strategy to his mom. 


He said mom I have been lifting these weights every night for 10 minutes for a week, and I can’t see any improvement in my muscles, so I am going to start lifting every night for 20 minutes.  I am going to go in my room and set my timer for 20 minutes, and when I finish, the cupcake will be my reward.  He then proceeded to sit down and do his arm curls with the cupcake “on the plate” in front of him on the floor.   How brilliant is that?


2 quick points I would like to make. 

Number one, learn to celebrate small accomplishments and number two set short term “activity goals”.  There is a difference between, production goals and activity goals.  


In network marketing, consistent effort doesn’t always bring consistent results, but it ALWAYS creates success.   We need to learn to congratulate ourselves for consistently doing the activities necessary to develop our organizations.  


We cannot control who joins, and who doesn’t.  We are all looking for the RIGHT PEOPLE at the RIGHT TIME in their life.  The only thing we can control is our own activity.  Too many times we worry to much about results, and not enough about consistent activity. 


Learn to relax and accept the fact that if you consistently perform the prospecting and recruiting activities, that success will come your way!  In the meantime learn to reward yourself not just for production, but also for activity. Discover what your cupcakes are, and learn to how to consistently earn a cupcakes and success is guaranteed. 




PS  What is the number 1 activity you must consistently do?  PROSPECTING for new
distributors and customers  PERIOD…END OF STORY.  If you need help prospecting,
check out

What is your cupcake?

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