My friend Michael Penland says “Action Takers are the Money Makers” and truer words have never been spoken as it relates to being an entrepreneur.


I was talking with a friend of mine the other day named Doug.  Doug  is a great guy who I enjoy spending time with him. He I an Engineer that I used to work with years ago.   He is still in that profession and does ok financially, but he is struggling with the idea of doing that until he retires.   We talk about network marketing all the time.  He has even gone with me to a couple of local seminars and events over the years.  He has got a bookcase full of Network Marketing Training  books and programs.

But he has yet to take real action, even when I had the time to help him he would just never pull the trigger and really go for  it

He is what I refer to as a Dabbler. He dabbles in different things, always looking for another great idea instead of acting on what he already knows. Right next to his network marketing books  is another bookcase with books on the stock market, commodity trading, real estate investing,  sales (he thinks he could be good at sales, but he is not willing to get out of his comfort zone and give it a try). His latest endeavor is affiliate marketing.  Doug is a great guy, but at this point maybe he just needs to focus on staying where he is comfortable as an employee and stop dabbling.

I have come to the belief that as a profession network marketing accepts and maybe even encourages dabblers.   I cannot tell you how many times over the past couple of years I have heard  “Dale you would make so much more money selling your training programs, seminars and coaching, if you didn’t constantly talk about getting better and becoming all you can become.  I had a friend tell me last week you need to let those who are fooling themselves continue to hang out so they can buy stuff from you.

Theoretically, I understand that, and I know that is true.  However that I not who I am, and not why I put time into Network Marketing Support Services Inc.  The last thing I want is a group of people who love being a member of the  Rank Advancers Club or MLM Players group, or any of the other dozens of communities in the market,  just for the ego stroke they get from paying their membership fees.   If they love being a member of MLM Pro Bloggers Society or any other group or organization they need to get real with themselves and their production or lack there of.  Calling yourself a pro at anything does not make it so, even if your membership fees are current.   The truth is, you are moving forward personally, emotionally, & financially in your business or your not.   “To thy own self be true”

On the other hand, there is Shannon.    I met him years ago.  When he joined our tem he was 18.  In his late thirties now, he has run multiple successful businesses and has probably had  a few crash and burn as well.   I know he had purchased and attended a few high-priced marketing courses and events over the years.   The main thing …… Shannon is a doer, he takes action.  Like all of us have experienced, it may not always be the right action but he takes it.   All any of us can do is make the best decisions we can, based upon the knowledge we have at the time and take action.  Live, learn and move forward!

The most gratifying part of what we do here at Network Marketing Support Services Inc comes from watching the progression of those involved in our MLM Training Club and other private programs.   The saddest part is to watch the dabblers.   While many people do there best to attract the dabblers and tell them what they want to here, I do my very best to run them off as soon as I can!

If you are going to be successful, you owe it to yourself to align yourself with someone that can help guide you. If you are an DOER someone who is ready to roll up your sleeves and get to WORK I would  love the chance to work with you.  It is what makes what I do so satisfying, working with DOERS.


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