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If today you say the word webinar, virtually everyone knows what you are talking about. Webinars have become a common occurrence not just for entrepreneurs and marketers, but teachers, coaches, authors, pastors, and the list goes on and on. Webinars, and participation in webinars hasn’t always been that way.


Some of you may or may not know that I owned one of the first webinar companies online, Orbiltalk.com back in 2000. If is a long story, but at the time, the ability to show power point slides online to a live audience around the world was a very foreign concept. Conference calls were extremely popular but I knew this technology was going to take the game to the next level.


Do you remember the first webinar you were ever on?

I do, I will never forget it, it ended up costing me $350,000.00  🙂  Yes Three hundred and fifty THOUSANDS dollars, here is what happened ………….









I was talking to a team member out in Washington State one evening, and he asked me if I had ever heard the term webinar. I hadn’t. He said are you at a computer, I was at my home office and said yes. He said I cam going to send you a link via email and I want you to click on it, I want to how you something.


We continued to talk on the phone and a couple of minutes later he said, do you have the email yet? I did, he said click it. The next thing I knew my computer was downloading some kind of program and within a few seconds this buy out in Washington was talking to me through my computer and showing me power point slides. I WAS BLOW AWAY!


To make a long story short, I ended up buying the company from the owner. In the early days many people still had dial up connections and the challenges with the reliability of the technology was more than I care to rehash. To make a long story short, after dealing with multiple programmers, and an entire set of challenges I had never anticipated. I threw in the towel, losing about $350,000.00 and wasted a tremendous amount of time.  All we can do is live, learn, and move forward right?


This frustrating experience doesn’t change the fact that ability to show power point slides to a world wide audience from the comfort of your home hasn’t revolutionized the way many entrepreneurs do business today. As it relates to network marketing I BELIEVE every week should be center around a weekly event. In the early days these were live meetings, today most companies are using webinars.

The CONCEPT/SYSTEM is the important thing I want to share.

* Distributors need to build their business in week to week cycles.
* I use to say the way to build a business is learn to have FANNIES IN CHAIRS. In today’s world that means eyes and ears on the weekly live opportunity overview webinar!!

As I start writing this article I am realizing that I really need to have a webinar training on the power of webinars and why every company should be building around 1 Central weekly event that professionally exposes their products and opportunity to a large audience giving people the opportunity TO HEAR THE WHOLE STORY!


So with that said, if you attend our Thursday Night No Fluff Training Webinars, this will be a topic in the near future


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