I am asked quite often asked,  “Dale what is the best network marketing audio book you would suggest?

The answer always depends on the person asking the question.  I believe that all skills are learned sequentially. So the first thing I need to know is where are you on your journey?

What are the skill sets and mindsets you need to be developing at this specific time and place on you journey?

To become a network marketing Super Star you only need to become a pro at 5 core fundamentals, as we share in detail in the free workshop here:  https://www.mlmhelp.com/5core 

They are ……

1) Launch Your Business

2) Master 5 Ways to Generate Leads

3) Master a Customer Acquisition System with a Referral Component

4) Master a 2-Step Recruiting Process

5) Create a Team Member Retention Program



Without question the challenge we face in network marketing with people that are natural learners, is they don’t learn sequentially.  There is no plan to their learning.  They hear about a create new audio book and they buy it.  I would like for you to think about the concept of Sequential learning.  If you think about any skill set you have mastered in your life, you probably had a great teacher (menotor) who taught you in a very logical, sequential order.  You cannot teach Algebra to those who haven’t learned basic addition yet as I always like to say.
Your time is the most valuable asset you have.  Learning tips and trick here and there is a very frustrating way to try to master any business model or skill.   I talk about this in great detail in the article :Why Searching for Network Marketing Tips and Tricks will Delay Your Success by year.

Don’t miss understand me, I am all for audio books.  I go through at least 4 a month, but they are not in the network marketing niche.  They are more general business books, and have to do with other business and physiological topic I have an interest in.  So when people ask me, what is THE BEST network marketing audio book, I try to ask a few questions and then make a suggestion based upon where I believe them to be on their personal journey at the time that will provide them the most value.

In general I want to make sure they know about the 100+ free prodcast trainings we have available for all clients,customers, students, and potential clients to listen to online free at www.MLMSuccess.com.   Quite frankly, if some one is new, or hasn’t achieved the level of success they had hoped for at this point, this is a great place to start.  We cover dozens of important topics, from launching your business, proven ways to create leads, expanding your comfort zone, along with interviews from many successful network marketers who at one time in their career were probably exactly where you are.

As some of you know, I have written multiple best sellers over the years.  My personal audio book that I recommend most often is Change Your FINANCIAL MINDSET and create Wealth.   This particular book is not a specific network marketing audio book, it is more generic for all entrepreneurs, but the feedback we have received has been very encouraging.

When it comes to network marketing audio books, make certain that the time you spend listening is on a topic that will move your life and your business forward, RIGHT NOW, based upon where you personally are on your journey, does that make sense?


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