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I have gone from fascination to disturbed at all the “self proclaimed” gurus
who are teaching marketers in multiple niches how to and I quote
“Build a powerful brand, boost influence and gain authority status.”



Would somebody please help me understand?
Yes, I understand that many if not most network marketing gurus got
there not because they actually built duplicating teams of leaders but by
convincing the masses that they were an authority just because they said
they were.


Call me naive, but I have to believe when I first started out I was looking
for someone
who had actually done what I was trying to do.  I thought
the goal in network marketing is to build duplicating teams, not trying to
convince uniformed masses that I was an authority. I believe that if someone
was trying to teach me how to “build a powerful brand, boost influence and gain
authority status” 


Even when I first started in the industry, wouldn’t my mind of thought










In my opinion there is nothing that has hurt the network marketing
profession more in the past 15 years than those who “talk the talk”
who have NEVER “walked the walk”.  To think that intelligent,
business minded people don’t see through this is facade is not

If you are not building or have never built a team, what legitmate
reason would you have for trying to teach others?  If you are
not willing to walk the walk then please don’t mislead or misdirect
good people!

This video puts things into perspective. “We all see people where they
are, but usually pay very little attention to the road they traveled
to get there.


I like to think I would have immediately recognized this sham  & would have
immediately thought, this training philosophy  is ridiculous, can
somebody just show me  how to build a real business??



Granted, my goal was not to become a blogger, It was to develop a long
term business and help people truly maximize their potential.


Being seen as an authority was never  my desire. I wanted  to build a large,
duplicating organization of people, am I just totally missing something here?
Since all the industry has really accomplished in the past 15 years is recruiting
each other, I guess if other network marketers perceive you as somebody that
actually has a clue what they are doing, then they may want to join your team, but
honestly this make no business sense to me on any level!
Have we become such an ego driven industry that we would rather be
thought of as an authority, than actually BECOMING an authority?


The industry has gotten so off track no wonder so many business
minded people have left it, and will never return.

I don’t care how many self proclaimed gurus tell you should be blogging
daily and building your brand and authority, they are simply lying to sell
you an affiliate course, or they sincerely don’t know anything different?


This is simply hard for me to understand and even begin
to wrap my mind around.


There is much more to building a team of people than recruiting!!
After you recruit them is not when everything stops, if you are focused on
building a team and a real business,  that is when the work starts.


If you don’t help them stay in and move forward and progress, then all
we have successfully accomplished is wasting everyone’s time.

Yes, about 1% of population can use their natural skills,
personality, BS, Drive,  and Healthy Self Image to
FAKE IT TILL THEY MAKE IT, and create a following of
newbies who don’t know any better.

I believe this tainted prospective is seen right through by
intelligent, experienced,  business minded people.

The truth is no matter which pro tries to tell you differently, the industry is in
a state of dissipation, and as long as the Build a powerful brand, boost
and gain authority status” nonsense is propagated throughout
the profession.  It is impossible to return the industry to the top position in the
world wide entrepreneurial awakening that is going on right now.

The numbers are numbers.  Only one company has created an maintained any
momentum in the last 10 years.  No matter how many people try to tell
you everything is hunky dory, only a fool argues with facts.  The numbers
are the numbers.

“Until you are willing to accept a challenge exist it is
impossible to grown beyond it”    Putting your head in the sand
and acting like a challenge is not there does not make the challenge go
away.  I have had a corporate officer tell me, our philosophy is to  keep
our distributors excited and ignorant.   Has that become the norm?
Is there anyone else that doesn’t feel that is not a solid business plan?

head in the sand






I have always said DO IT …THEN TALK ABOUT IT. Here is a novel idea, if
you want to develop authority status in network marketing or any
business niche


When I released my first generic training program for the industry,
Confessions of a Network Marketing Millionaire, it was to truly help
the profession. I had already gone from the most least likely to succeed
in network marketing to developing a team of over 200 six figure
earners BEFORE I Recorded this live event.



Confessions Banner









Prior to this I had no intention of ever making available any of our training
systems, outside of our personal organization. Today the
industry is overcome with those that are trying to teach others how to do
that which they have never done in attempt to build their authority.


This trend has been going on for years, at some point most of these people
get tired of making themselves look foolish recording You Tube Videos and
calling themselves a home business coach or whatever, and they leave the
industry in shame, never to return. The domain names of their blogs expire
and they go back to the real world, leaving the greatest opportunity for
financial freedom they may ever have.


It is sad, it is beyond sad because the industry desperately needs leaders
who understand “If you build people, people will build the business”.


These people were done before they even started.  Not because they
were not teachable or willing to take direction, they simple were
sold the wrong philosophy, and marketing Fu Fu dust.  Don’t be
that guy or gal!


Honestly, today you have zero competition when you
focus on developing rock solid teams! The masses are just
recruiting each other and then trying to portray themselves as
something they’re not, and if you are listening to people that are
telling your ego what it wants to hear ….. SHAME
ON YOU!  You have to know better, don’t you?

You have to understand in your heart of hearts that there is much
more to building a network marketing TEAM than blogging 5 minutes
a day to boost your brand, have influence and gain authority

I understand that this truth is very unpopular, but network marketing
is about leadership development, it is not a popularity contest.  Popularity
contest are easy, just stroke peoples ego and tell then what they want to

However I believe common sense is not very common anymore. Just because
most of the network marketing gurus don’t have a clue how to get outside the
network marketing niche and actually recruit people and build teams, doesn’t
mean that is not the approach you should have, does it?

Look at the demographics of the majority of network marketing organizations
and here is what you will find. You will see two distinct groups of people.
The ones that have been around the industry for 10+ years and have the dream
of one day recruiting a “heavy hitter’. They have had  the mlm business model  in their
heart and souls.  The other distinct group is those who have been in the industry
18 months or less who 
are buying into the flawed concept of building a powerful
brand, boost 
influence and gain authority status.


Where are all the people that have been around 3-5 years who have been
progressing, growing as human beings and developing the proper skill sets
and mindsets it takes to become a REAL LEADER and TEAM BUILDER?

They are hard to find, because at some point they realized they have drank the
Kool-Aid and real leaders don’t focus on developing followers, their focus is
on developing other leaders as Brian Tracy shared years ago!











GEEZE are we all just going to sit back and watch the greatest opportunity
in the world to develop time and the money to enjoy it totally disintegrate or
are we going to start teaching the Wisdom of the Ages Success principles that
ultimately created Success 50 years ago, and will create success 50 years from


It really does come down to embrace the wisdom of the ages or continue to
tell ourselves we can develop authority status without developing the proper
team building skills sets and mindsets.


If this makes any sense to you at all, do yourself and your team members
a favor and get a good mental grasp of what is really happening right now,
and the games the self-proclaimed gurus are playing. Bookmark this page, schedule
the time, do whatever you have to do, and make sure at some point soon, you grab a
notepad and watch this webinar!



Dedicated to Your Success,





PS   Truth is truth and it will set you free, but sometimes it pisses you off first.

Crystical Message













I wrote the above article about 24 hours ago, just to try to get
this out of my mind.

However this morning I woke up with a thought, that really
makes sense, at least in my mind.

I believe that it is very obvious to those who have been around
the industry for a few years that for the most part, over the
past 15+ years the primary focus for the majority of network
marketing distributors has  been to recruit WITHIN the

Len Clements warned us  about this in 1995 when this trend started
(You can read the article here)

It bothers me to think about this, but I guess this has become
normal practice in network marketing.  The common mindset
appears to be, you build a team by recruiting others who are
already in the industry.

If that is true, and the way many of the gurus have built their
personal teams over the past twenty years or so, then the
mindset of:

“Build a powerful brand, boost influence and gain
authority status.”

makes sense if your vision of what you are doing is recruiting
other network marketers.

That is all that is taught because in reality, maybe that is
all 90% of industry knows???

Let me be clear, I think the approach of:

Attempting to:   “Build a powerful brand, boost
influence and gain  authority status.”

is totally flawed and will never duplicate with  99% of
the people 
that become distributors for network
marketing companies.

If you are an insurance agent, real estate broker, own a
mom and pop business of any king that is selling a product
or service this concept makes sense, because we all do
business with those we know like and trust.


Network Marketing is not about selling products and
DUPLICATING TEAMS.  The real product in network
marketing is people.  AT ANYTIME IF YOU ARE DOING

It may sound like I am down on the industry, and maybe
I am, but not in the way you may think. In many
ways I think there is more opportunity today than at any
time in industries history, here’s why …………..

I truly believe that distributors who embrace proven lead
generation and team building systems now will attract more
people to their organization than they ever possibly could
attempting to fake it till they make it, and build a brand
that is backed by no real substance.

We should learn from all the internet marketers who made
money doing nothing but teaching people how to make money
on the internet.

Honestly, this approach and mentality is only 1 step above
the old chain letter deals of the past.

THAT will stand the test of time and be something you can be
proud of.  Understand, If you build people, people will build 
the business!

Do you really want to know the path to developing $10,000+
earners on your team?

You will find it in this Webinar …..   CLICK HERE



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